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Dokufilm über Sri Hemkunt Sahib

Wie entsteht Karah Prashad?

1. Turban-Tag der Sikh-Gemeinde in Berlin

Am Samstag wurden auf dem Potsdamer Platz viele bunte Turbane gebunden. Der erste Turban-Tag der Sikh-Gemeinde in Berlin lud ein, den Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Berlin kennenzulernen, die Sikh-Gemeinde in Berlin. Mit dem Turban-Tag stellte man sich erstmals den Berlinern als Glaubensgemeinschaft öffentlich vor. Die Sikh-Gemeinde in Berlin hat etwa 1.500 Mitglieder. Mit weltweit rund 27 Millionen Anhängern ist die Sikh-Religion die fünftgrösste Glaubensgemeinschaft der Welt.

Sikh Voice & News Articles 'Thought of the Day'

Here we publish the Sikh Voice articles & Sikh News, experiences regarding social-political, society, religious and sustainable enviroment related matters as 'Thought of the Day'.

Democracy & Absolutism

In the whole world we see, that democratic countries are developing back into a kind of Absolutism, which must be avoid now, otherwise, many wars will happen, more than before. The current human conciousness is not uplifting, it brings misfortune. Leading politicians have lost their strength, because they have not put their attention on the real important topics and needs of supporting humanity and mother earth. They have not stopped the destructive forces, now they support or are obliged to side with them, and this is a sign of Kali Yuga, the dark age. We can help, but and there is a but, they reject the help of those, who have the insight view about it. The process of progressive evolution towards a betterment will come, but it will take more time, because of the current time and conciousness. How many want a change and are being blocked. How many are aware and are concious about the whole situation. The transformation from Kali Yuga (dark age) to Sat Yuga (golden age) will produce a downfall of the negative forces, during that time, the ignorance, ruthlessness and fights are becoming more.

22. November 2020

Khalistan - Origins of a Nation

Very often there is a misunderstanding about Khalistan and these highly educated Gursikhs from England have made their contribution to talk and to explain to the public about the Origins of Khalistan. They have published a six part series on Youtube and also books, which you can find in their Online shop.

***WATCH HERE- Part 1



In the last 50 years many countries became independent and Nation-building is a long evolutionary process. Wikipedia published an interesting list of the countries who became independent or received a status of autonomy.

List of Countries*

Sarbat Khalsa

Sarbat (whole), Khalsa (pure ones, baptized Sikhs, Amritdharis). Sarbat Khalsa is the assembly of all baptized Sikhs (Khalsa) to pass resolutions in the presence of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib (see Gurmata). Sarbat Khalsa is the gathering of the entire Sikh nation of the Khalsa Panth, which was established in Amritsar in Punjab in the 18th century. The tradition of holding Sarbat Khalsa has continued ever since in times of need or conflict. Sarbat Khalsa has the ultimate authority to make resolutions on important Sikh matters regarding the Sikh Nation. As long as these Sarbat Khalsa resolutions are not changed, every Khalsa and Sikh is instructed to respect these decisions. No official, including the Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takht, no organization or assembly has the right to violate the decisions of the Sarbat Khalsa. Only another convened Sarbat Khalsa may overrule or amend the decisions made, if necessary.

1986 Sarbat Khalsa elected a 5-member Panthic Committee to represent the decisions of the Sikh Nation. The Sarbat Khalsa declared Khalistan on April 29, 1986. The last Sarbat Khalsa was held in 2015 where over 700.000 Sikhs have attended (Additonal Sources have published over 1 Mio. participants).

Bandi Chhor Diwas Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj & Shaheedi Baba Deep Singh Ji

Today marks the day, where the Light has won over the Darkness, where the Freedom has won over imprisonment, where Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj were released with 52 Rajas out of the Gwalior Fort. Our sixth Sikh Guru, Miri Piri de Malik, is an epitome of undefeatable invincibility, strength, truth, righteousness, love and beauty. He has won 4 major battles against the suppressing Mughal rulers. Sri Akaal Takht, the highest seat of temporal Sikh authority will bring justice and spiritual power to His beloved Gursikhs and will protect them throughout all ages.

Bandi Chhorh Diwas symbolizes the victory of light over the darkness of captivity. It is the victory of freedom of the soul. Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj was the sixth manifestation of Akaal Purakh Waheguru, the sixth form of Baba Nanak on earth. A King of Kings! Happy Bandi Chhor Diwas.

Today we remember also the Shaheedi of Baba Deep Singh Ji, the first Jathedar of Damdami Taksal, one of the greatest Sikh Lions in Sikh History. Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed.

14. November 2020

Support the Five Major Sikh Parties to Make a Change


JALANDHAR, 11. November 2020 - Punjab Five major political and religious Sikh parties Shiromani Akali Dal (Democratic), Shiromani Akali Dal (Taksali), Shiromani Akali Dal (1920), Panthik Akali Lehar and Gurmat Sidhant Parcharak Sant Samaj - today formed an alliance for contesting Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) general elections which are expected to be conducted in near future. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, head of SAD (D), former Lok Sabha Member Ranjit Singh Brahmpura, head of SAD (T), Ravi Inder Singh, head of SAD (1920), former Akal Takht Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh, head of Panthik Akali Lehar, and Baba Sarabjot Singh Bedi, head of Gurmat Sidhant Parcharak Sant Samaj, got together in Jalandhar and formally announced the alliance.


Where are the 328 missing Saroops?

Photo source: Sikh24

This question was asked by Jathedar Ranjit Singh Ji and the Sangat around the world. Panthik Akali Lehar is a non-political religious movement to spearhead the liberation of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and other key Sikh institutions and Gurdwara Sahibs from the clutches of Anti-Sikh forces, and address the issues and challenges facing the Panth. Panthik Akali Lehar was launched by the support and efforts of Sikh intellectuals, scholars, and the Sangat worldwide.

***Read here the News & watch the Interviews Panthik Akali Lehar***

Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh Leads Protest Against SGPC Over Missing Saroops and Rare Manuscripts

AMRITSAR SAHIB: 8. November 2020 - Sikh News Report

Sri Akal Takht Sahib former Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh today led an impressive gathering of Sikh activists, organized outside Sri Darbar Sahib (Harmandir Sahib) to protest role of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) in Guru Granth Sahib’s holy saroops and rare manuscripts going missing. Bhai Ranjit Singh planned the demonstration to dare the SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal and SGPC-appointed acting jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh to give clarification over the whereabouts of the missing saroops and the rare manuscripts. On the call given by him, the Sikhs gathered at Burj Akali Phoola Singh in a large number to support the cause. Chanting ‘Satnam-Waheguru’ and displaying banners against the SGPC, they started a march from this place and it culminated at Sri Darbar Sahib. Hundreds of the Sikh volunteers took part in the procession. As per their programme, they sat on the entrance plaza of the holiest Sikh shrine peacefully to seek clarification about the holy saroops going missing from the publishing house of the apex gurdwara body and rare handwritten manuscripts of Guru Granth Sahib, Dasam Granth, other Sikh scriptures and original hukamnamas of Guru Sahib, that were taken away from the Sikh Reference Library by Indian army during attack on Sri Darbar Sahib in 1984 and returned later.

Photo source:

While addressing the gathering, the former jathedar exposed the role of the SGPC which is controlled by the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), in the holy saroops going missing. He dared Longowal to appear before the Sikh sangat and give clarification in this sensitive matter concerned with sentiments of the entire Sikh nation. However, Longowal did not turn up there. During the three-hour long sit-in, the Sikhs also performed gurbani kirtan. The SGPC issued a press release in the evening to defend itself from the attack of Bhai Ranjit Singh, but failed to give answers to the questions raised by him. Its spokesperson Kulwinder Singh Ramdas stated that the former jathedar is misleading the Sikh sangat and politicizing the matter. On the other, the morcha launched by Bhai Baldev Singh Wadala-led Sikh Sadbhawna Dal against the SGPC over the issue of missing saroops entered day 4 on heritage street leading to Sri Darbar Sahib. It is also getting a good response from sangat. Dhadis, Kawishers and Kirtanis perform daily at the place of morcha. Thus it has turned out to be the centre of attraction on the way to Sri Darbar Sahib. These demonstrations have become the biggest headache for the SGPC and the SAD (Badal) which controls it as the SGPC polls are likely be held in near future.

The SGPC is responsible for the division of the Khalsa Panth, they have cut our Banis, they have cut the Mool Mantar, the changed the traditional Sikh calendar, they supported the distorted versions of the Sikh History on behalf of political Anti-Sikh religious motivated elements (Badal, Hindu RSS, parts of Congress etc). SGPC is under control of political party of Mr. Badal. Their involvement in corruption and in Beadbis are a fact. It is time, that they come back to us, to follow and to uphold the treasure which was given by Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and the Sikh Gurus, and if they can not do it, they will left behind.

We support the Panj Pyare of Sri Akaal Takht and we wish, that their wish come true. The Panj Pyare are the embodiment of Guru, but they must be paid independently by the Sangat.

The November Sikh genocide of 1984

We remember The Sikh genocide of 1984 in November. Sikhs are being attacked all over India, with some of the worst documented attacks taking place in the capital, New Delhi. In Delhi more than 3,100 Sikhs are killed within 3 days. The number of Sikhs killed outside Delhi is said to be well over 20,000, according to sources.

Candle in the Dark Exhibition - NSYF | Click here to read

Candle in the Dark Exhibition Guide - NSYF | Click here to read

Sikh Education Council - When a tree shook Delhi Online Exhibition | Click here to read

Sikh Genocide 1984 - Six part Video Documentary | Click here to watch

In remembrance of the Sikh Genocide that took place at the Golden Temple, Harmandir Sahib, SOPW presents a six part series that shows never-before seen interviews and firsthand accounts from eye witnesses that were in or around the complex during one the bloodiest weeks in the history of Sikhs.

Shaheedi Beant Singh - 31.10.2020

After the military attack of the indian army at the Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar in June 1984, where thousands of innocent Sikh pilgrims have died, where the highest seat of Sikh authority the Sri Akaal Takht was almost fully destroyed, where the Sikh Reference library were burnt down, two of Indira Gandhis Sikh bodyguards Beant Singh and Satwant Singh killed the Prime Minister on 31 of october 1984. On this day the "Sikh Genocide of 1984" started.

Today we remember Beant Singh, who gained Shaheedi on 31. october 1984. Our Shaheeds gave their lives for the sake of righteousness, to protect and to uphold the basic foundation of our Sikh Religion. Indira killed thousand of innocent Sikh pilgrims including little children in the June attack 1984. When you kill innocent humans, who came to pray and pay their obediences to one of the most important Sikh commemoration days, it will always have an reaction. The visting pilgrims were without weapons, they were shot dead. Why were these innocent, devoted pilgrims shot? Why did they have to sit down, why did they have their hands tied behind their backs and why were they executed afterwards, Sikh women, small babies, old weak Sikh people and Sikh men? It was Indira Gandhis Karma to be punished for all these deeds. We are a sacrifice to our Guru, not to others. If someone goes ahead of killing innocent people and is performing evil deeds, and we see all these injustices, we have to intervene, we have to help, we have to protect, we have to tell, than we do not discuss about Karma.

The Attack on Sri Harmandir in 1955

The first attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib by the Indian Army took place on July 4, 1955, by order of the Indian government, under Indira Gandhis father Jawaharlal Nehru, (a Hindu Brahmin with Muslim ancestry).
The Punjabi Subha Morcha peacefully advocated a Punjabi speaking state. This movement should be destroyed within 5 days. Without aggression on the part of the Sikhs, tear gas and force of arms were used. 200 are killed and 2000+ injured. Chief Minister Bhim Sen Sachar visited Sri Harmandir Sahib after this attack and publicly apologized to the highest seat of temporal Sikh authority, Sri Akaal Takht.

***Watch here the Lecture about the 1955 Attack on Akaal Channel***

The father of Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru was a Hindu, he drunk Alchohol, smoked cigarettes and had several external maritial relationships. Lord Mountbatten had to share his wife Edwina for some time with Nehru. Nehru was involved in many corruption cases. Back than, He started with the Anti-Sikh propaganda and discrimination towards the Sikh Community.

Sarbat Khalsa appointed Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara & Akaal Youth

Punjab - On the call of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara, Sarbat Khalsa-appointed jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib, Sikh youth united under the banner of ‘Akal Youth’ at Akal Takht Sahib today to fight for the interests of Punjab and Panth. Making a formal announcement of the organization, Panj Pyaras (five beloved ones of Guru) did ardas before Akal Takht Sahib in presence of a large number of the Sikh youngsters who came from different areas of Punjab. Damdami Taksal (Sangrawan) leader Giani Ram Singh and other prominent Sikh leaders including Principal Baljinder Singh (retd), spokesperson of the panel constituted by Bhai Hawara, were present on the occasion. Disclosing the mission of Bhai Hawara who is serving life imprisonment in Tihar Jail, Delhi, for assassinating Beant “Singh”, former infamous Chief Minister of Punjab and killer of thousands of Sikh youths, Principal Baljinder Singh said, “Worried over vulnerable circumstances of Punjab and Panth, Hawara has decided to empower youths and shoulder them the responsibility of protecting interests of Panth”. “Self-interests, lack of integrity and incompetence of the religious and political class of Sikhs have hit the glory, independence, and image of the Sikh institutions. This has made the Sikhs who are sensitive about the Panth, live in a gloomy situation. This has also pushed the Sikh youths into deep darkness. In such a situation, floating a new organization of the Sikh youths was need of the hour”, he said. He further said, “If we look at the social arena, the politicians have destroyed Punjab by indulging in the trade of drugs to become millionaires overnight. The drug smugglers are exploiting the power of the jobless and innocent youth. In the field of education, the youth’s attitude is not to be optimistic. Due to policies of the government, educated youths are committing suicide in state of depression”. “On the whole, the youth of Punjab has become totally directionless in all the fields. For their vested interests, the people who are at the helm of the governments, want the status quo. So, there is a dire need to acquire constructive thinking for service to their homeland. The youngsters who are conscious of the concerns of Punjab and Panth should come out to realize their responsibility toward their people”, he added.

He further said, “As per the vision of Bhai Hawara, this organization will organize students in colleges and universities and mobilize them to follow the path of Guru. This organization will also play an important role in gurdwara reform drive. The elderly Sikh leaders who made contributions for Panth throughout their life, will be there for guiding the youths”.
Source:, 15.10.20

The Food for Amritdharis (Khalsa) in our Sikh Gurudwaras
ਸਾਡੇ ਸਿੱਖ ਗੁਰਦੁਆਰਿਆਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤਧਾਰੀ (ਖਾਲਸੇ) ਲਈ ਭੋਜਨ

I am a vegetarian for many years, but I also changed my food habits being an Amritdhari. Many of the baptized Sikhs are concerned about the development in our Gurudwara Kitchens. An Amritdhari Sikh is supposed to eat food from Amritdharis according to the Gurmat Rehat Maryada. How difficult it is at present time, to put this into practice. How many Khalsa are preparing and cooking the food in our german Gurudwara kitchens?

1. Nowadays many clean-shaven with cutted hairs are in our kitchens, who are working maybe in a restaurant where meat is prepared, where Alcohol is used, some of them are smoking or drinking Alcohol. Some of them are Hindu fascists or are belonging to any kind of an Anti Gurmat group (also in a disguise of a Sikh/Khalsa) and there is a danger nowadays. We appreciate help, and they can help. Everyone is on his/her journey. But our tradition is the tradition of keeping the Kes (Hair), this is the order of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and the Sikh Gurus. There is Sikh and Sewak. To make the members of the Khalsa Panth self-sufficiant, strong, to uphold the Rehat, the purity and the well-being of our Khalsa, we should think about to prepare our own Langar in the Gurudwara kitchens or taking over the cooking. Those who are mentioned above can do other Seva. There are lots of Seva to do in a Gurudwara. This is not discrimination, this is upholding the Gurmat teaching and the purity of the House of the Guru. A Khalsa should take food from an Amritdhari. There are different techniques to bring the Sharda and the health of our Khalsa down, and the food is one of it. To keep an eye on the kitchen is a good idea. A camera system should also be installed in every Gurudwara kitchen for safety. Whenever someone felt not good about the food, than look who prepared and cooked the food.

2. The Toast bread used in Gurudwaras has baking agents and additives in it, even if they are not declared on the packaging. Yeast is also used for the toast bread and is not used in the traditional Sikh cuisine. Often, mashed potatoes, tomato ketchup and cheese are added to the baked or fried toast. When buying cheese, make sure it is cheese with "microbial substitute" (in german: Mikrobielles Lab or Mikrobieller Ausstauschsstoff). If it doesn't say microbial, than it is animal, this cheese has been made with "animal rennet" in german it is called "Tierisches Lab". So if you eat such cheese, than you eat some part of Stomach mucosa of young calves.

3. Every Tomato ketchup has "brandy wine vinegar" in it. Brandy vinegar or in german "Branntweinessig" is used to preserve food and consists of course of an alcoholic substance, not much, but it is contained in every Ketchup. The best way is to prepare a self-made Tomato sauce.

4. The use of Oil. Make sure, that the Oil in the Gurudwara kitchen is of good quality and it is not a cheap one. The best health tipp is the use of clarified butter (Ghee), which is easy to prepare and to store. Any remaining impurities and water from the butter are removed. The use of ghee reduces and normalizes a too high cholesterol level.

5. White sugar for preparing tea and sweets. White sugar is very sweet and cheap. But in its process of becoming the white sugar it has to be bleached in a chemical process. In a health journal which was published, they stated, that this chemical process is supporting the development of cancer and cardiological illnesses. The combination of to oily and too sweet food has negative side effects on our health.
Brown cane sugar or organic brown sugar is natural, healthy and not too expensive (Aldi, Lidl, Netto 500 gramm for 1,49 - 1,69 Euro). In past time Jaggery was used as well.

6. The Flour for the rotis should be a good one and of high quality. Most Indian flour ready-mixes also contain different types of flour and most of them have additives and preservatives in it.

7. All food should be cooked in Sarbloh pans and pots. And of course eaten from Sarbloh plates. This was not only the Sikh tradition in the last hundred of years. To cook in Sarbloh makes the body and mind strong and provides the body with additional iron and trace elements.

Stay healthy!
Bibi Sahib Kaur

DISR, Social Media, Anti Gurmat and our Sikh Community

I came into Sikhi in 2015 and took Amrit in 2016 (retook Amrit in 2019, UK) from there on, my work for our Sikh Gurus and their Gurmat Teaching started. In 2015 I went with Sangat members of Hannover to Geneve, Switzerland to demonstrate against atrocities and torture of Sikh people and against the firing and killing of peaceful Sikh demonstrators during a Morcha in the Punjab. This high rank police officer who was in charge is now under investigation and is facing trial. He will be jailed for many years. The Sikh families lost their beloved ones, innocent old and young Sikhs, who were sitting and demonstrating against the ongoing Beadbis of 'Guru Granth Sahib'.
Before I came into Sikhi, I studied and experienced different belief systems, including Vedanta/Vedic Science. I practiced several years Meditation, Yoga and the Sutras of Patanjali, but I dropped that system many years back. Spiritual experiences are normal on that way, but it was not the right path for me. When I experienced Sikhi everything changed and this is the way in Kali Yuga to get the five enemies: Lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego: under control and it is the easiest way, at the same time also a challenge. If you apply the Gurmat teachings of our Sikh Gurus in your daily life, your whole being will be transformed in a beautiful way.
In the year of 2016 we hired a Lawyer to get the webpage '' which had Anti Gurmat, Anti Sikh contents on their webpage. It was recommended by the Council of Religions and the church in Frankfurt, Germany and their representatives for the Sikh Religion. The House of Religion Hannover also recommended that Anti Gurmat website and the representatives of that webpage. In december of 2016 we also set up the DISR german information center for Sikh Religion in Hannover, Germany on a voluntary service according to the traditional Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus.

In 2017 we were successful with our Lawyer to buy the former Anti Gurmat webpage, because the persons who were in charge of that website, registered on fake names/fake addresses. After buying it, we could set up the webpage according to the Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus. In 2017 we went on Social Media and were attacked, harrassed, pressured and insulted, also on WhatsApp, SMS, Email and private phone, content were changed and deleted on our DISR webpage (including the site of our Holy Guru Granth Sahib). Content were deleted on the facebook account, on WhatsApp, my WhatsApp codes came from private numbers and private companies, etc. One person in charge of the german Staatsschutz (Hannover) and 2 representatives, an internal investigator of the state police told us in 2019 two people will go to Jail. But the public prosecutor's office (State attorney, Hannover) said exactly the opposite as the man from the lower-saxony Staatsschutz and the collegues of the state police. Mr. Staatsschutz said: the Mafia is standing in front of our door and has done nothing for protection. But why, because I filed a report? The first report was about the Webpages and those problems with Social Media, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS/Emails. They made two different statements in our case. When we asked them, why one site is saying that and the other site is contradicting it, they remained silent. Mr. Staatsschutz never replied to any of the emails. He is involved in that whole fabricated case, which not only created lots of troubles it was a willful suppression and attack of their side to someone who filed a report! These measures were not reported to the head office, nor were they discussed. There was also no judicial order for these actions. Who deleted the 13 subpages including our Guru Granth Sahib?
I faced in my own case, negligence, failure to provide help and assistance, non-stop harassment, oppression trying to silence me and the attempt to stop the DISR webpage and to bring me out of sight. They never told us the truth! They lied to us, to protect their own people. They can not follow their own rules anymore, thats why the corruption and the incoherence in germany is increasing. The legal system is not working properly anymore. Many of our Sikh brothers and Sikh sisters have experienced similar treatment with no protection for private data nor protecting the persons life and their wellbeing. Because of that I had to file in 2018 the first report at the police and officials in Lower-Saxony. After that I filed several reports until August 2020, the last was regarding a vandalized, damaged second version of the DISR - the "Nihang subpage" in the Internet. And again I informed on 31. of October 2020. They remain very silent in these cases! The Government should not allow their police and intelligence employees, does not matter on which side they operate, nor criminals, to harras or to insult members of our Sikh Community!
When we, as Sikhs are spyed on, the government does not inform you nor does they give any compensation to the victims.

Following cases which happened in 2017-2020

Including my own case which has happened in that time frame in Hannover, Germany. These scandals including my own filed reports in the last couple of months and last 3 years are a wake up call for the State and Federal Government to follow the path of truth, righteousness and responsibility. Their own people must be a role model of following and protecting the constitution and laws.

*Police officer reportedly warned drug dealers. A 36-year-old commissioner from the Hanover Police Department is suspected of corruption. He was saved as "The nice cop" in a drug dealer's cell phone. (HAZ)
In the south more than 20 Police officers are consuming drugs and are involved in drug trafficking. (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
*The corruption scandal with the police in Hannover is apparently more far-reaching than previously known. According to HAZ information, there is at least one head of a police station among the 33 suspicious officers and employees of the agency. (HAZ)
*For example the public prosecutor's office had to investigate a breach of trust and corruption against the former mayor of Hannover. This was one of the biggest corruption cases in Lower-Saxony, Germany, first the scandal with the CDU Lower-Saxony and than the SPD Lower-Saxony... In the swamp of corruption. (Focus, April 2019)
*Another case, as per Media report 4 secret files have disappeared in the Criminal Police Office (LKA Hannover) regarding informants. Why are they not kept in a secure place at the LKA? Secret service documents must be stored securely. How is that possible? The answer: On May 9th, 2019 confidential documents had been stolen from the private car of an LKA officer. Only on Friday, Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) and LKA President Friedo de Vries informed domestic politicians and the public. The case: The official interrupted work for a visit to the doctor by his child on May 9. He parked at the pediatric clinic on Bult, presumably there the briefcase was stolen from the trunk between 4 and 6 pm.
Contents: Documents on V-people of the LKA, photos, but also a service cell phone, money to pay informants and V-people - and an EC card issued on the camouflage identity of the officer.
Curious: The police were later unable to find any signs of forced entry on the vehicle. It was unclear whether the car had been broken into. "However, the officer stated that he had locked the vehicle," said LKA president de Vries. Our politicians are becoming more and more corrupt and dishonest. There will and there must be a change. (Bild, HAZ May 2019)
*Another interesting case: 4 Justice officers get drugs, cell phones and weapons for prisoners in Hannover, Sehnde prison. The justice ministry did not want to inform the press, first they denied the case, but than they had to confirm. (HAZ, September 2019)
*A mafia boss from Montenegro was keeping the Hannover Medical School (MHH) on tenterhooks: police officers with machine guns are standing at the main entrance. This well-known mafia boss received police protection, his guarding was also likely to be an expensive affair - for the taxpayer (RTL). The case around the treatment of the presumed clan leader continues to cause unrest. Again and again the question arose who should pay for the expensive two-week police operation. This huge investment cost taxpayers dearly. 2500 shifts, 16,000 hours of service. The personnel costs alone will amount to around 900,000 Euros, according to Volker Kluwe, President of the Hannover police force.
(HAZ & Bild, February 2020)

Why is the police director of Hannover and our home ministry in Lower-Saxony in support of a real criminal? He received not only police protection, he and his wife could enjoy a helicopter flight from the State Police, Germany... He belongs to the Mafia Clan, but maybe he is a friend of a (business) friend... Something goes wrong!

*A research study in Berlin has published that no school in Germany is free of drugs! (Ministry, Berlin 2019)
*According to information from the NDR, several federal police officers from Hannover are said to have spread xenophobic and hate comments on Facebook. Four police officers are alleged to have complained of a “criminal migration mob” in relation to alleged criminals. (HAZ)
*The story sounds like a bad script: A police officer is being tried at the Hannover Regional Court, who also works as a private detective - and is said to have sold data from the service computer. With him in court there are two colleagues whom he is said to have instigated, and an entrepreneur who was his main client. The entrepreneur from the fitness industry hired the company "Global Service & Solution" of the main defendant (police officer), who stuck data from police information systems on GPS trackers under the cars of the "suspects"... (Taz, July 2020)
*Another police officer of the Hannover police headquarters is said to have violated official secrecy! As reported by the chief police director in the interior committee of the state parliament, the man has photographed personal datas and sent it via WhatsApp during an investigation. He also sent out right-wing extremist pictures. (Bild)
*There are serious allegations for which a 52-year-old police officer has to answer before the Hannover regional court. At the request of a client, he is said to have purposefully obtained internal police intelligence and sold these information, involved is a 59 year old gym owner and two other officials (55 and 39). The officials did not gave any answer about who was spying on. These police men are on probation. (NDR & HNA July - October 2020)
We always asked us, why our filed cases never went through at the police and why they did not investigated. Maybe they spyed on us! It is said, that this case is also related to the incidents which has happened in April/May 2019, where confidential documents about V-men /Informants have been stolen.
When such things are happening, they must inform those who were spyed on. You can read here in german and english.
Read in german:
Ein Polizist soll interne Informationen verkauft haben. Er muss sich vor dem Landgericht verantworten. Es sind schwerwiegende Vorwürfe, wegen derer sich ein 52 Jahre alter Polizist vor dem Landgericht Hannover verantworten muss. Er soll polizeiinterne Erkenntnisse auf Wunsch eines Auftraggebers gezielt beschafft und die Informationen verkauft haben. Am Dienstag hat der Prozess gegen den hauptbeschuldigten Polizisten, einen 59 Jahre alten Fitnessstudiobetreiber sowie zwei weitere Beamte (55 und 39) begonnen. Die Urteile werden im August erwartet. Verteidiger kritisiert Dauer der Ermittlungen. Nach der Verlesung der Anklageschrift erklärten die Beschuldigten, die Vorwürfe gestehen zu wollen, wie NDR 1 Niedersachsen berichtet. Die Richter ließen daraufhin durchblicken, die Einlassungen goutieren zu wollen. Demnach könne der Unternehmer mit einer Geldstrafe rechnen. Der Hauptangeklagte, dem mindestens ein Jahr Haft und damit die Entlassung aus dem Beamtenverhältnis und der Verlust der Pensionsansprüche drohen, könnte möglicherweise mit einer Bewährungsstrafe davonkommen. Zum Prozessauftakt hatte dessen Anwalt erklärt, dass die Staatsanwaltschaft das Verfahren über Jahre verschleppt habe. Über den Stress sei sein Mandant psychisch erkrankt. Handel mit internen Erkenntnissen. Die Staatsanwaltschaft wirft dem Fahnder, der von September 2014 bis Dezember 2016 bei der Polizei Hannover gearbeitet hat, vor, über einen Zeitraum von rund zwei Jahren dienstlich beschaffte Informationen an den Unternehmer weitergegeben zu haben. Dabei ging es unter anderem um die Beschattung einer Person mittels GPS-Peilsender, mit dem sich der Fitnessstudiobesitzer in einem Rechtsstreit befunden hat. Um an Informationen wie anhängige Strafverfahren, persönliche Verbindungen, Einkommens- und Beschäftigungsverhältnisse und Fahrzeuge zu kommen, habe der 52-Jährige seine beiden Kollegen gegen Geld animiert, in Dienstrechnern zu recherchieren. Für sein Engagement als Privatdetektiv soll der Polizist monatlich 3.600 Euro von dem Unternehmer erhalten haben. Das Landgericht Hannover hat einen Polizisten wegen Verrats von Dienstgeheimnissen zu einer Bewährungsstrafe von einem Jahr und zehn Monaten verurteilt. Das berichtet NDR 1 Niedersachsen. Der 52-Jährige soll jahrelang nebenbei als Privatdetektiv gearbeitet und dabei gegen Geld interne Daten von Kollegen beschafft haben. Insgesamt soll der Polizist laut Anklage mehr als 80.000 Euro kassiert haben. Ein Unternehmer, der den Polizeibeamten beauftragt haben soll, wurde wegen Anstiftung zur Bestechung zu einer anderthalbjährigen Bewährungsstrafe verurteilt. Das Gericht sah es als erwiesen an, dass er den 52-Jährigen beauftragt hatte, Informationen über Menschen zu beschaffen, die wie er an einem Rechtsstreit vor einem Zivilgericht beteiligt waren. (NDR, Juli-Oktober 2020)
Read in English:
A police officer is said to have sold internal information. He has to answer before the district court. There are serious allegations for which a 52-year-old police officer has to answer before the Hanover regional court. At the request of a client, he is said to have purposefully obtained internal police intelligence and sold the information. On Tuesday, the trial against the chiefly accused police officer, a 59-year-old gym operator and two other officers (55 and 39) began. The verdicts are expected in August. Defense attorney criticized the length of the investigation. After reading out the indictment, the accused declared that they wanted to confess the allegations, as reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony. The judges then indicated that they wanted to approve of the statements. Accordingly, the entrepreneur can expect a fine. The main defendant, who faces at least one year imprisonment and thus the release from the civil service and the loss of pension rights, could possibly get away with a suspended sentence. At the start of the trial, his lawyer had stated that the public prosecutor's office had dragged off the process for years. His client is mentally ill from the stress. Trading in internal knowledge. The public prosecutor's office accuses the investigator, who worked for the Hanover police from September 2014 to December 2016, of having passed information obtained on the job to the entrepreneur over a period of around two years. Among other things, it was about shading a person with a GPS tracking device, with whom the fitness studio owner was involved in a legal dispute. In order to get information such as pending criminal proceedings, personal connections, income and employment relationships and vehicles, the 52-year-old encouraged his two colleagues to do research on company computers in exchange for money. The policeman is said to have received 3,600 euros a month from the entrepreneur for his commitment as a private detective.
The Hanover regional court has sentenced a police officer to a suspended sentence of one year and ten months for revealing official secrets. This is reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony. The 52-year-old is said to have worked as a private detective for years and obtained internal data from colleagues for money. According to the indictment, the police officer is said to have collected more than 80,000 euros. An entrepreneur alleged to have hired the police officer was sentenced to one and a half years suspended sentence for inciting bribery. The court saw it as proven that he had commissioned the 52-year-old to obtain information about people who, like him, were involved in a legal dispute before a civil court. (NDR & HNA July & October 2020)
*Police officers, who were involved in our case are facing now Jail.
*In our apartment block, a federal police officer was arrested for illegal possession of weapons (large weapons used only in war), child pornography and mistreatment of persons during police operations. He is a father of a little baby boy. (Public prosecutor Office - Publication)
*Weapons like little special knifes from the GSG 9 an elite unit of the State police are sold or given out between members of the state police, which is not allowed and you must officially register these weapons on your name. (Internal)
Another high rank police officer from the State police Hannover, married over 30 years, in a superior position, started an affair with one of his female employees, he did not tell his wife, who did everything for him and brought up the children. This is a double exploitation! (Internal)
*A whole special german unit KSK (german armed force) had to be closed. The 2nd KSK company had organized the infamous "pig's head party" with which the right-wing extremism affair at KSK began in April 2017. At the farewell party for a unit commander, soldiers had thrown pigs' heads, heard right-wing rock songs and showed the Hitler salute. In May 2020, the police dug a weapon hiding place with ammunition and explosives on the property of a soldier from the company in Saxony. In an investigation report, the elite unit had been attested in parts to a "toxic management style". (Deutsche Welle)
*The public prosecutor's office in Hannover is overloaded. According to statistics, one prosecutors have to take over the work of five in the office. (HAZ)

My own filed cases and how they work against the Sikh Religion, Human rights,
and against those who publish the original Gurmat Teaching here in "Germany"


What has happened, we were not informed. During that time a human traffic ring was exposed and the indian spys. Lots of people were in front of our apartment building in the house, the atmosphere was very intense. When I was out or shopping (Aldi, Lidl) I was followed by men, and one of them, a stranger, came to me and said, "I wish you a good health and a good year." Others followed in Lidl, with walki talki in their ears, others were standing in the front of the house, on the terrace, another followed by car when I went out for a walk at the Steuerndieb area. They put something on the car, to locate you. Another incident took place on 5th of april, 2 men came directly and straight away to me with a baby buggy without having Babies in the baby, strollers, they came very close... There were witness. Many strangers were in our apartment house in the roof apartment up and down. Because of that I left my home on 5. of April 2019 and had to stay for some time in the Normandy. There was an attempt to kill me? No, they said. But this was not true. The state police tried to contact us in France, but we switched off the mobile phone. After some day one person from the State police left a message from her private cell-phone. When I came back a contact card was in my letter box and a message, "please get in touch with me", it was the man from the german Staatsschutz (intelligence). I never heard of him before. Then a meeting was held, and he said the Mafia is in front of your house, but did not provide any assistance or protection. 2 people of the State police attended that meeting. From then on, the activities against me and DISR increased. No? Yes. And all of this has stopped in the last year, but on phone, email and Social Media it went on, and this is the Staatsschutz and not the Mafia, but they work with criminals from the Mafia together, unfortunately. That's why our Democracy and Laws can not function anymore as they should. The Ministry of Justice was not informed, No. Now they try to get me out of my apartment with pressure, because the neighbors were involved too, they were informed from the police, that something is wrong with us... All of those men who were involved performed a huge sin against innocent citizens who filed a report and they go ahead? They can not confess. They would all loose their Jobs. They have sworn on the bible or on our constituition. The Staatsschutz also tried to kill someone from the Left party who found out something, a young man. This is the way how it works. Thank you Mr. Staatschutz for not telling the Truth. But and there is a but, we go ahead like you, No, our level is different. You send someone to my apartment but he will have no access to my personl Room - 2 doors of my apartment will be closed today, 24.November 2020. I will send you a picture and you can send it to the manager of the apartment building, Vonovia, Bochum. The man from the Police/Staatsschutz said, "We are not finish with you"... Something beautiful has happened, the appointment was cancelled, No. Yes, because of Corona?! On 25. November the second visit was planned.
I remember you, someone came into Jail, and it was not Me - It is your own police men who were involved in that case and also the indian spys are now in Jail. Because we have people here in Germany who are interested in upholding and protecting the laws of our constitution. They know what is right and unlawful!
*****What happened to the same time when I left on 5th of April 2019?***** Mr. Barack Obama came to Germany. When I was in the Normandy on 12. April 2019 the Notre Dame burnt down and the Yellow west were demonstrating... and the indian spy in Germany was exposed exactly to that time on 13. April 2019. One week later, confidental documents has disappeared from the LKA, Hannover police station... you can read the article above.

There were lots of activities going on. I made photos with my Handy camera of the people in the front of our apartment, there were private little cameras installed (temporarily) for protecting our lives, but suddenly they did not work anymore... my red Computer was infected with malware, I could not work at the DISR webpage anymore etc. Who switched off the camera system? This is not a scandal, yes it is, but I never went against the german state or police. I thought they are in tune with our laws and constitution, but several of them who were involved, are not. So Case closed, not one of my reported files in Hannover will go through, no one of them will give an answer, the man and his co-operatives in charge ordered that.

1. RECENTLY: three weeks ago, the Number of NVI Nanaksar was spoofed and was sending me: "Hi, give Hukam g". Of course it was not the person and his number. They used his number (spoofed). This is extremely disrespecting for the person, who is a deeply humble and devoted Gursikh, he never said this and he never wrote this. It is a disrespect for us, for Holy Guru Granth Sahib. The Holy Guru Granth Sahib is the only one, who gives Hukam!
So, this is happening for more than 3 years... this is one way to harras, to suppress, to destroy your Sharda and Bhavana and also your social contacts. Our Love for our Guru and for the True ones are not destroyable! The shame is with You, who are doing all these useless anti-democratic deeds!

2. Another Number of my contacts were spoofed and has sent me a restaurant card with meat dishes. Of course it was not my friend, again they used his number and spoofed it. He is a well-known Sikh Saint in the lineage of Baba Harnam Singh Ji. We are vegetarians!

3. The photo in my WhatsApp Account of the contact of "Sardar Simranjeet Singh Mann" were changed into a "young shortcut hair man, which we all do not know" - I wanted to send Mr. Singh Mann a Report from Germany. It was not possible.

4. Pictures were put into my Photo Gallery, the in charge police man has received the Screenshots, you remember the CAT photos...? My own pictures were deleted including my Whatsapp Profile picture by BTC Pennsylvania. What was on my Profile picture? "BABA NANAK DEV JI"! by BTC Pennsylvania.

5. Phone calls in the night, crazy and psychic messages via SMS, WhatsApp and Emails, my personal Emails were commented etc.
And also numbers from Sveden, India, Prag, Poland, Turkey... and so on and so on, which numbers are spoofed, ask those who are in charge!

6. Just happened on 24. September 2020
I reinstalled WhatsApp and my Code came again from a company BTC Pennsylvania number: +1 484 653 87 56 - if I report this to the Hannover Police they do not reply nor solve that issue. How does it come that the Police do not investigate all these cases?

7. On 28. September 2020
Another new Installation, two different Whats App Codes from two different numbers to the same time (2 minutes difference) this morning SVEDEN +46 793 294 349 and USA +1 484 652 8756.

8. From 15.-29. Oct. 2020
Email signed with the name "Kali", and several other Emails. "Thomas Liu", "Sabine Butlu", and a spoofed Email from a Singh from Germany. And other emails. They like these playing games and harrassments. So, Why are you sending me all this since 2017? Why are you blocking my Emails, why have you deleted my Comdirect Banc App, that I could not pay my bills for 1 month, why do you delete my pictures on WhatsApp, why do you pretend one of my social contacts, when you are not? Why are you destroying the work of others, Why have you set up a second vandalized version of the DISR with the Nihangs?

9. November 2020
My SIM card was connected to the following Number +491717595524 . I have changed the Handy with the same SIM Card and somehow it did not work. We changed it again and have put the SIM Card into a Nokia phone, there we have found Textmessages of a person A in conversation to person B, which I do not know. Person A wrote "that He will be tomorrow in Garbsen..."

We informed the Police but of course we hear nothing of them. Maybe one of their own agents or officers? If anybody knows the owner of this number, write me on call me on the land line, or meet me in Person. Since when I can not use my mobile phone anymore, since I filed my first report. No, it was already before but after filing the first report it became more worst. Because I pay 40 Euros for my mobile phone and internet. Mr. Modi has a problem, not us. And now the germans are following his agenda? No, they do this work on their own as well but of course in co-operation. They can not go ahead like this, because it is really against our own law and constitution. And if so, we publish it.

10. On 3. November 2020
During the Sikh Genocide Remembrance Days, Mass Censorship of Content on Facebook
Source: NSYF Youtube Channel 3. November 2020 - Southall, UK

You can write directly Mark Zuckerberg, CE0 of facebook & Co. on following email addresses:

11. On 6. November 2020
We reported: The following Youtube account:"IcciSamiSani" posted sexist, pornographic pictures in his profile and used them as a comment on the religious channel "Hazur Sahib Channel". The Kirtan and Prayers are aired from one of the five highest seats of Sikh Religion, Sri Hazur Sahib. The Youtube Channel owner was reported to the police and we reported also to Youtube/facebook. But as WE ALL know by now, the Police in Hannover is out of Office because of Corona, maybe it was one of them, who posted it, (again?) or some Racists or one of those fake ones in Bana, the old crew, mentioned above.
"Leave your cheap behavior now, your wifes and mothers are too much troubled and disgraced because of your activities on Youtube and Facebook. Yo do not perform good deeds, We locate you! And than we will report about it!

12. On 9./10. November 2020
My other Email address "" is now attacked from Junk emails. I have this account some time, but never received those advertisment before. Now they send this kind of stuff again on the email address (after sending Sukhraj Singh Sikh2Inspire a reminder-Email, it has started immediately, if it is not him, maybe his german or indian friends, on the same day we wrote Banta Singh - no one else. So please, if you want to write, than use our DISR Web Email:
We are not against nor for Sikh2Inspire, we do not agree with some of their publications like the Video of the Caste system, that we are the fifth Caste of Hindu Society etc.

15. On 15. November 2020
The Shabad Kirtan (singing the praises of God, His Bani, His word) performed by Mahakaal Baba Manjit Singh Ji, belonging to Jathedar Sant Maan Singh Ji & Jathedar Sant Waryam Singh Ji, Panth Akali Guru Nanak Dal, were deleted in my VLC Player.

Who is currently in charge of my account? You go ahead with this work? Maybe because some of the police men who were involved in our cases, are in Jail now as well the indian spys!
Mr. Modi does not like our Webpage. What about Mrs. Merkel and Boris Pistorius? Do they like our DISR website? We go ahead with our work, Sorry, you can't stop us. And why do you want to stop us, in presenting our Sikh Religion? Yes, you can do all these Anti-democratic activities. We download these Shabad Kirtan again and put them back into the VLC Player. We do not support corruption, that's why we do not fit in! But We are always open to shake hands again, the Sikhs are great people, but we do not accept slavery in a democratic country.

16. On 17. November 2020
Someone from the CDU Bezirksfraktion Hamburg Mitte nearby the Michel, Church has access to my Computer account, or one of the next official buildings, very possible the Staatsschutz? We found out earlier, but today we received a confirmation about it. I wanted to buy some paper and looked up in the internet to find the next McPaper. There were some McPapers I clicked on Maps and than it has shown "Your location to start to McPaper", but interesting the next store was almost 2 hours away? No, the next store from where I live in Hannover is 15 minutes by bike away. We zoomed in where "My location in Hamburg is", and it was in the street Plan, CDU Bezirksfraktion Hamburg & Michel, Church and an official building. I get used to do Screenshots, so I did 2 Srceenshots.
It is very clear that the deletion of the Shabad Kirtan 2 days ago was from this person of the Staatsschutz, related to CDU/Church, wait maybe it was this "Sikh" Boy from Hamburg Gurudwara Schwarzer Weg, who works in this area and in this building!? He has no shame to go against His own Guru? He is hiding and thinks we do not find out! CDU and AFD are now becoming partners in harrassing minorities.
The Christian Democratic Party is unfortunately against the Sikhs and their Hindu-fake Sikhs co-operatives must do this work. But this violates the law, to delete content of other Computers and Cell-phones! Does the person have an official access to my Computer, if not, check it out. But Yes, he has. He has also access to my cell phone. But it is a whole department who is doing this work. We know it is Corona and the Police is out of office when we call or write. He and his collegues are making lots of mistakes. We informed them about every incident, but they remained silent. He should not do this again! And he is doing it again and again. He feels very good about, but we know what will happen to him. The payment is good, better than protecting the Gurus honor without being paid. The same person has destroyed the "Sikhi for You brochure in Punjabi."" Now the police is doing something, after all?
Yes they do, but they do not tell me. Some people are interested in removing the DISR website, but they could not do it. Honestly, this is an Information Center about Sikh Religion on a voluntary basis. Lots of people love that page. The Staatsschutz is not in favor, because we found out all these ant-democratic activities, which are not in tune with our laws and constitution.

16. On 24/25 of November 2020
open house appointments were made for the apartment where I live in, my Ex-husband cancelled the contract, and they try to throw me out. No, this is not possible. The Operation of 2019 took place here, ...The first appointment I have cancelled, the second I could not. Vir Singh wanted it. But my personal Room, my Guru Room was closed. I like my apartment, it is very nice and sunny apartment with lots of greenery, near to the Mittellandkanal.

People put post in my letter box, but the letters are not coming from the addressee.

So think about what outcome it will be in future for YOU doing so. No one of those Singhs mentioned in the article received such kind of treatment, so why me? Because you do not like what I published the original Gurmat Teaching and the Truth. As long there is no transparent and honest investigation going on, as long we will remind you what has happened and about the laws in our constitution: Freedom of speech, Freedom of belief, Freedom of Information, Freedom to express etc.

*****Following names, numbers or accounts were involved in my case*****
(probably also spoofed)

who did those insults, harrassment, attacks against our Holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji, against members of the Sikh Community, against me and other Gursikhs, trying to harrass, suppress, pretending being your friend's phone number, on mobile phone, WhatsApp, Email and Facebook accounts. Who spyed at me. To put pressure on us, who are protecting the Sikh faith and its foundation and Human rights.

Dear reader, We have published this list:

a. to protect members of our own Sikh community in Germany against data protection fraud and misuse of their privacy and datas.

b. To inform our Sikh Community what can happen to them.

c. To inform those, who are mentioned in the list, that a data protection violation has been happened. When they are not involved, and their numbers and accounts were spoofed or misused, they should know about it.

d. For clarification: We have a law in Germany which is called Datenschutzgesetz, (private Data protection law.) But my personal datas and privacy were absolutely not protected, a massive violation has happened for more than 3 years and it is still going on. That is the reason, why this publication of the list is online. Those who are in charge take all responsibility. The police and politicians were informed many times and also to protect the other persons, if their numbers were spoofed and misused.

*Public Prosecutor's Office Hannover, Lower Saxony:
*Members of the State Attorney office: Mr. Oppermann and Mrs. Müller-König.

*Members of the german police and german Staatsschutz Hannover (departments of K3 & K4):
*Arne Widdel, Ines Bühring, Frank Puschin, Michael Bernt, Frank Lochter.
*Mr. Christian Franzke, K4 Staatsschutz.
*Heinz Battmer, with 2 colleagues and one young internal trainee.
*Michael Bernt, K3 Police department.
*Jochen Rust, Borussia Mönchengladbach Fan.

*Members of the german State police:
*Mr. Dr. Dieter Romann, President of the State Police president Germany. Who is "Britta"?
*Vir Singh alias Thomas Loup. A german Singh who works for the State Police.

Do you know Captain Amarinder Singh? Captain Amarinder's friend is guilty. The german state police possibly co-operated in this case with Captain Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab (Congress), against Bibi Sahib Sukhi Kaur and the DISR. The son of Captain Amarinder Singh, Raninder Singh is currently under investigation regarding the FEMA Case. He is involved in criminal and corrupt activities. The Gandhi Family is also involved. But Modi is really in agony with me, because I published all the beautiful quotes of Holy Guru Granth Sahib. He is really a Nindak, he loves Hitler and Mussolini in Hindu version...
*Who was standing in front of my apartment every day and who was following me and why has the german police not investigated nor helped? The case is closed, No Mr. Romann, we opened the case and the Truth is published yet. You are in a position, where nothing can happen to you, because you enjoy political immunity? Mr. Romann when you make a mistake, you must have the strength and the honesty, to confess it and to take the responsibility. You did not want to help, so what is your problem now? You have no knowledge about our Sikh Religion. But you can learn and explore on one of our Sikhi webpages. Mr. Romann we are not a Sikh sect, we belong to the Guru Khalsa Panth, the foundation of the Sikh Religion. Your officers have no wisdom and therefore all these mistakes have happened. Do not blame us for your failure. It is none of your business with whom I spend my private time. I am not one of your employees. Dieter Romann must fight the Mafia, but somehow, he has forgotten this. Any kind of connections to the mafia must be stopped, otherwise we all become corrupt and we do not want to become corrupt or support destructive energies. The damage to the reputation of the Federal Police is in your responsibility. I am not against police only against injustice, dishonesty and corruption.

*Carsten and Simon. *Klaus, Frank Conrad, Andreas Kaufmann, Lennart...
*Sabine Kauerhoff, Mr. Ludowig, State Police Potsdam. It was Mrs. Kauerhoff, who told, that 2 people came into jail (2019). Who gave her this information? Mr. Ludowig, now you are obliged to investigate the activities of your own people at the state police.
And again police men who were involved in the case are now in Jail, but they are not from the state police. They are members of the national police in Lower-Saxony. *'Kojak' from Hamburg, State Police.
*Sebastian & Christian.

*Mr. Boris Pistorius, Home land minister in Lower-Saxony, Hannover.

*Mr. Steller, Nordring 1, 30163 SHannover. Who were the two men, who have visited the Stellers, before the Operation has started?

*Mr. Holger Münch, president of the BKA, Wiesbaden. Some of his employees of the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) were involved.

*Members of the church Hannover, Frankfurt and other cities- regarding & DISR:
*House of Religion Hannover & Council of Religions Frankfurt & others
*Prof. Reinbold (evangelic church), Sven, Mr. Khuswant Singh (1st Chairman of the Council of Religions), Mr. Burckhardt, Mrs. Beelte-Altwig (catholic church) Mr. Stephanus, Wolfgang Matuschke, Mr. Baumann, "Manas Switzerland", members of EZW Berlin,, Mr. Tammler (Schlueterschen) & the indian (Sikh?) professor from Frankfurt, the group from Göttingen, Kassel, Münster & Bielefeld.

*Members of AKJ & Sikh Missionaries & Members of the Yogi Bhajan sect.

*Members of Bulandpuri Baba Baldev Singh Ji in Bochum, Walsall, UK, US, Canada & France
Numbers of Baljinder Singh, Harjinder Singh, Harwinder Singh, Balbir Singh (Bochum), Jaswinder Singh (East Germany) a Hindu and his friend Inderjit Thind (Bochum, a Hindu who is baptized as a Sikh (other Sikhs told us), Gurmukh Singh (CAN & Netherlands), Anne (UK & US) Sodhi family, Heera family (Walsall) Gurpreet Kaur (Walsall), during the Smagam at the end many participants have fallen ill, they said because of the AC. Jaskaran Kaur and friends (Paris), etc. Baba Baldev Singh has created his own Sect. Some members of Bulandpuri Baba Ji are involved in human traffic and illegal business.

*Members of the Ramgarhia Gurudwara Wolverhampton (AKJ & Missionaries)
The confirmation letter with lots of "type mistakes", and "Khalsa Panthers" instead of Khalsa Panth, from Lions to Panthers and from Sarbloh Kara to "bangles" was sent by members of Just Sikhi - Inderjit Singh and Manvir Singh AKJ. I liked Inderjits Parents, his mother has a pure heart. Manvir Singh is close friend to Sikh Verband Cologne AKJ & Missionaries. The Letter was sent after visiting Wolverhampton. During that time my WhatsApp Codes came from two different locations from Leeds & Oxford at the same time with two different numbers. A Singh from Wolverhampton knows the whole family story about Manvir Singh (AKJ).

*Harmanpreet Kaur and her german girl friend Vivian Kaur from Bremen Gurudwara. *And we do not want to forget Harmanpreet's "bald brother," The father is a Taxi driver.

Cologne, Bonn, Italy & India
*Ravi Kaur's phone number, she is the daughter of Jagit Kaur from Cologne Gurudwara, close friends to Janpreet Chawla's family and to Granthi Singh Harbhajan. Jagit Kaur went to India to visit Baba Avtar Singh Ji.
*Granthi Harbhajan Singh's phone number, WhatsApp.
*His friend's phone number Ravinder Singh Mukhliana, Italy.
*Karanjit S. Chawla & Janpreet S. Chawla facebook, Email and phone numbers. Mord im Orientexpress, it was not the first time, right?
Karanjit stop fighting, take his hand and meditate and do lots of Seva for our Sikh Community and do not go against the True Ones, and everything will be fine and if not, than it is your own created Karma. Karanjit's wife is no Sikh, but she took Amrit (AKJ). Her brother in Paris is a criminal, sometimes he is so drunk, that he becomes abusive.
*Baba Banta Singh from India was not involved he said, but he was part of it. Whatever, Guru knows. Ya, he was involved in that case. Mandeep Singh, Paris Tour Manager close to Sandeep Singh Sikh2Inspire (the fifth caste of Hindu Society).
*Anna Pal Singh (german Christian) and her indian husband who are working close with the Sikh Missionaries and the German Indian Society in Cologne/Bonn - with her indian "Papa Ji". Anne Pal Singh is the friend of Ranjit Kaur (Essen & Bochum), a Yogi Bhajan Nihang Singhini, who works with them together. Ranjit Kaur knows everything, she is very soft speaker, she is also interested in the Hindu Religion. She told that she was married to a Holy Saint, to a Nihang Singh in India, but she never mentioned his name. She likes Anna Pal Singh very much.

*Harmit S. Gill and His father (RSS) from Hannover, supporters of the Sikh Verband.
*Manusch Kumar's phone number (Hannover & Italy Gurudwara). His wife is Amrarjit. Her husband has some paper problems.
*Mr. Sandhu & committee members (Hannover Berckhusen Gurudwara).
*Asha Rani a Hindu woman and Sonu, a Hindu man, without papers. He had so much stress because of that. Sonu married someone else.
*Pendu Jatt, (USA) a friend of Mr. Sandhu (Hannover Gurudwara), who is married to a doctor lady in the United States. Pendu Jatt has also some paper problems.

*Mr. Harjinder Chahal (Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Darbar Sahib, Hannover) restaurant owner. Close Friend of Frankfurt indian ambassador. He was cooking for Modi and his delgation, when they stayed in Hannover. Chahal was very close friend to Captain Amarinder Singh, current Chief Minister of Punjab. Both travelled to Canada, to meet Congress members to get support for the Congress party. To that time Captain Amarinder Singh was not allowed to speak in Canada. He took this very personal and serious, Modi as well. When Trudeau came 4 years later to India, they paid him back. So never hurdle a shoe against me, again. Chahal made lots of good money in cooking and serving food for Modi and for his delegation back than. Chahal is Congress party, but they have thrown him out, Hari Singh told us, we do not know, if he is back to Congress or is now with BJP. Chahal knows Doris Schröder Köpf, they eat in his restaurant from time to time. She is the wife of "Boris Pistorius", you know, the home minister of Lower Saxony. She divorced the old Bundeskanzler (chancellor) of Germany Gerd Schröder, but kept his name (SPD). She was never in politics, she was a reporter of a local news channel. After that, she received a position in politics as Migration Commissioner in the state government of Lower Saxony.

*Mr. Sandhanwalia and his group (Pardhan Gurudwara Guru Ram Das, Hannover), restaurant owner has good contacts to the indian embassy in Hamburg. He is a close friend to Pardhan of Gurudwara Grandweg (Hamburg). Sandhanwalia was celebrating his restaurant anniversary with the new indian ambassador here in Hannover. They had lots of fun, some striptease dancer ladies were also there, they had almost no cloth on, and were dancing. They had the photos online on their restaurant webpage, but they took them out. Really strange what the indian house wives have to allow their indian husbands nowadays. Frankfurt Ambassador was not there. What to say about this, he said.

Paderborn, Iserlohn, Frankfurt, Straelen, Leeds & Hamburg
*Major Singh, Pardhan, Paderborn, father in law to Rajbir Kaur (Sikh Missionary).
*Heidrun (catholic church) and her christian and Sikh Missionary friends (related to the Sikh Verband Cologne.)
*Mrs. Grimm & Co.
*Harwinder Singh, Dortmund & Iserlohn.
*Satnam Singh Bhatti, Iserlohn.
*His wife Gurinder Kaur, Iserlohn. The number became than CHILIMAT.
*Shirin (Sharan) Bhatti, phone number, the daughter of Satnam Singh.
*Sodhi Family phone number, Straelen.
*Gurpreet Kaur Bhangoo's phone number, Straelen, wife of Balraj Singh, friend of Kulbir Singh Randhawa.
*Sandeep Singh, Sikh2Inspire Hamburg, WhatsApp message and his phone number as well the number of Sukhraj Singh, Sikh2Inspire, UK. Sandeep Singh you know what happened, you must take the responsibility for your actions, you are not a Youngster anymore. Retake Amrit together with your wife, and start a new life. The case is closed. NO, Sandeep Singh, first your mobile number on WhatsApp and this ill dirt and than, what has happened than? What kind of interest would someone have to do such things, someone asked on the phone. Because of this incident the officials were informed, how they further proceed, it is up to them. One is for sure, you are now on their radar. Stop doing this work, you want to go to Jail?
*Ramendeep Singh, Hamburg brother of Robin Randhawa. Ramendeep Singh is married to a svedish girl (AKJ family related to the Chawla brothers from St. Augustin.) Ramendeep loves watching our people how they become silent, very silent... He is really close to Bhagga.
*Robin Randhawa phone number, WhatsApp. He is the brother of Ramendeep Singh. He works for a former christian foundation (IT specialist) in Hamburg - The Laewetz Stiftung, a former christian-jewish foundation. Robin can express now freely being a Christian, but He likes also his Dastar. He is registered at addresses, where he is not living.
*Sukhmanjit Singh & Harsimran Singh, Hamburg.
*Harsimran Singh, Hamburg exercised some shooting in their back yard during the G20 Gipfel in Hamburg. A special unit the SEK had to rally his house. He is neighbor is Kulbir Singh Randhawa and his family next door. Someone called and informed the police about it. We were highly disturbed, when we heard about it. Was this by accident or was it a planned fake operation, by the indian site or german site? He belongs to the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and is a very close friend to Ramendeep Singh Randhawa and the Hamburg Singhs. He is also in the Sikh Verband. Harsimran Singh's father died, when all this trouble with DISR webpage started. He belongs to Schwarzer Weg, Gurudwara. His mother is a very kind and lovely person, they are close to the indian embassy too.

*Kulbir Singh, Sikh Sangat Germany, phone Number, email, WhatsApp, facebook.
Do not go back in the direction you went, then everything will be fine. Kulbir Singh were you blackmailed and you had to do this work? How many know about it? Kulbir you must retake Amrit, our advice.

Kulbir Singh is not a Taksali anymore, he was, now he joins hands with Congress. This is the way how it works, His family is with the Congress party. Who said this, the Pardhan said this. But I was not there, so I can not confirm: Kulbir ist einer von uns, hat er gesagt. (Kulbir is one of us, he said).This is not the truth, this is the truth. Now all of you can relax. But we do not join hands with you or with one of your family members. You crossed all limits. Stay where are you right now. Sleep well Kulbir Randhawa and stay away from my accounts! DO NOT MARRY KULBIR, YOU KNOW WHY. Kulbir Randhawa was given access to my accounts, and they protected him, but now they have to take care, because he is going against the law. And if he is doing it like this, we will bring him in Jail, this is for sure, than he can join the police men who were involved in the case. They are now in Jail. As well the indian spys Balbir Singh etc. and more will follow, when they attack our Holy Guru Granth Sahib, our Sikh Gurus and the Sikh Religion. Kulbir Randhawa has not much knowledge about our Sikh history. Women were always respected in the House of the Guru, they were treated with utmost love and respect. Our Mata Ji's and Bibian were not maids nor slaves of their husbands. But look at Kulbir Singh Randhawa what old fashioned view He has about women and the Role of women in the Sikh Community and in society. Damdami Taksal is planning to built up a girls section which is marvellous idea. Because the girls are very eager to learn and to experience the same knowledge as the boys.

So we think it is time to speak openly, what we experienced, otherwise there will be no change in the future for the Sikh Panth in Germany. And we all want a betterment, more peace, communal harmony and a respectful way of being with each other. Please understand, that we have to protect our Holy Guru Guru Granth Sahib, our Sikh Gurus and their teachings, otherwise, the Light will be switched off. Our truthful Gursikhs are in charge to uphold the dignity and honor of our Guru. If they go ahead, we will go ahead, because we will not accept to be silenced again. Those elements are destroying our Sikh families and our friendship. We wish them all the best and hopefully they recognize what they did to the Sikh Panth in Germany. Thank you for your understanding. Those who doubt the publications are those who were involved or are those who are against our Sikh Gurus and our Sikh Religion.

*Pardhan of Gurudwara Hamburg, Grandweg, Dalbir Singh belongs to the Sikh RSS!? He said No, He supports all. Pardhan Dalbir Singh works close with the indian embassy Hamburg together, He can do that, we do not care. This is not our business.
Kulbir Singh Randhawa (Gurudwara Schwarzer Weg) mentioned about Dalbir Singh, that he is one, who is involved in Human Traffic (Schleuserkriminalität) several years back. Kulbir Singh said this in the car, when we went to a Lecture, 3 other Singhs were also in the car (witness).
The Granthi of the Gurudwara Grandweg Hamburg is very nice person, he is respected, because he tries his very best to uphold the Rehat and knows the tradtional Gurmat Teaching. And by the way I have NO Terrorist contacts :-) ...
*Pardhan is the President of a Sikh Gurudwara.

*From Erfurt: Ramandeep Singh (a boy who loves to cut his hair & his sister from the Sikh Verband). He is friend to Kulbir Singh Randhawa (Sikh Sangat) and to Harsimran Singh Hamburg.

*A person from Gütersloh a Clan Chef.

* There is a person, his Name is "Sven" and he was involved in very destructive activities.

Frankfurt Gurudwara & contacts to Stuttgart, Würzburg, Augsburg & Nürnberg
*Khuswant Singh, Rat der Religionen Frankfurt, Council of Religions, Frankfurt. He belongs to the Anti Gurmat sect of the Sikh Missionaries and he is working with the german church. Khuswant Singh is working for the german government (Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, Federal Ministry of Economics).
*Balbir Singh from Frankfurt, (a Hindu in disguise of a Sikh?), faces Trial because of syping on members of the Sikh Community. We won't visit you in Jail!

*Police officers, who were involved in that case are facing now Jail.

*Members of Google & facebook.

*Hannes is another Nindak to all of us, he is really in agony. We have lots of good advice, but they are busy to bring themselves down. So relax, Take a nice long walk in the forest, do some breathing technique, bicycling, bake a cake for your friends, drink hot chocolate, and do not watch too much televison, cable TV is out.

*****Please Note: Contact directly the police and Staatschutz, when your number is listed here and was possibly spoofed and misused.*****

Who is doing this?

It is not us, who created all these problems, fake email addresses, accounts, spoofed numbers and hiding behind masks, to harrass, suppress or bring unfortunate to members of the Sikh Community. No, it is You, it is them.

Who of them is a Hindu, (RSS worker), a Christian, a Sikh (?), a Nazi or an employee of the german Staatsschutz or the indian inland service, church and/or criminals, ask those who are in Charge? How much Democracy do we living in this country? Another topic is, we have only men in the important leading roles. In former times Sikh women were leaders too. So do not fall back in society!

Bhai Jagraj Singh from Basics of Sikhi was liked by almost every Sikh does not matter to which Jatha they belonged. He has fallen deeply in Love to Guru Sahib and in only 5 years he set up hundreds of nice Videos about Sikhi. He became a true Gursikh and he has fallen very ill. His brother Hundal a well-known journalist in UK, a man without hairs, has fought him so harsh and attacked him so many times of being a Sikh of the Guru. He never stopped attacking Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji until the end of his life. So, you see this is a sign of Kali Yuga and the fight of Abibek and Bibek.

***Too many people and Officials are involved in these cases that's why the try to make it not public, or better not telling the full truth. Our press in Hannover is good, NDR, HAZ... ***

Anand Karaj Beadbi in Hannover Gurudwara & Munich Gurudwara (Winter 2018/2019)

In Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Darbar, Hannover an Anand Karaj Beadbi took place. Both Gurudwaras from Hannover (Sri Guru Ram Das & Sri Guru Nanak Dev) have participated at this marriage. It was the marriage of the Committee member's daughter (Mr. Sandhu) and her Hindu husband. For more than 30 years ago Pardhan Hari Singh Gill and Mr. Sandhu came together to Germany. They are very close friends to each other. Hari Singh Gill has sent both daughters to a catholic girls school. Why, we do not know... There you can learn lot of things about Jesus. Mr. Chahal (Restaurant owner) and Mr. Sandhanwalia (Restaurant owner) participated in this marriage too. When Guru Ram Das Gurudwara opened and Holy Guru Granth Sahib was installed, Mr. Sandhanwalia had no head-cover on his head, a friend of Mr. Chahal took a photo and has sent it to Mr. Harjinder Singh Chahal's mobile phone. They showed us the photos in Gurudwara Sahib. Maybe he forgot to take a Kopftuch?! There were only 3 or 4 people attending. One of their Granthis from Guru Ram Das was involved in Human traffic. But we do not have further information about this Granthi Singh.

The Marriage Video is on the Gurudwara facebook page Hannover and on YouTube channel. It was posted by a young boy named Nirvair Singh. There is also a student who came from Delhi, Inder Singh, he started playing Tabla and accompanied Granthi Singh. This young boy has a criminal record, but he was protected. His role in the Gurudwara is very clear. When he gets up from his sleep, without taking a shower, he goes in front of 'Guru Granth Sahib' without a head cover, his hair untidy and open or with a towel. We complained one time about it, but they allow him, because he is in relation with Mr. Sandhu and his group. Inder's Hindu boy friend is doing Chaur Sahib in the same condition, but with head-cover. Inder Singh is a very unhealthy person, he eats all kind of meat, eggs, drinks Alchohol, maybe he takes drugs. These kind of Missionaries are becoming so evil minded, that they can harm members of the Sikh Sangat. When the Sangat starts with the Ardas, Inder is running out of the Darbar Sahib. It is said, that he touched a little Sikh boy, but the parents could not believe their own little boy. They were totally shocked and now they keep an eye on him. Imagine when the parents have no officials papers, they can not go to the Police station and can file a report against this person. And if they go, would the police believe them, when this young indian man is working for the indian site or the german Staatsschutz. The Informants are the crown jewels, but too many of them are criminals and they are like dirty glas pearls. If this is true, than Inder Singh will be catched and punished next time - this is for sure. Those kind of people are the worst sinners! He has lots of interesting contacts in his two mobile phones, there you can find all his friends, criminals and members of the RSS, but also some interesting german contacts! These are the informations which are given to me about Inder Singh, so I would like to share with the Sikh Sangat.
Inder Singh belongs to the Sikh Missionaries, and his Uncle Ji (or mentor) Veer Bhupinder Singh is located in New York, he shifted many times, New Jersey etc. Where he is now, we do not know. He is a close associate of ex-communicated detractor Gurbaksh Kala-Afghana, and has co-ordinated programs with the anti-Panthic RSS. He is well known in the Missionary scene. Several years back he has participated in one of the biggest Anand Karaj Beadbis in Delhi. Veer Bhupinder Singh runs a Non-Profit Organisation and some gas stations (family related), Inder Singh told this in person, when we were all sitting in the Langar Hall. He and his friends can be a danger for members of the Khalsa Panth, because we do not know, what they are doing with our food or tea, because they hate the Khalsa and the Sikhs.
Parminder Singh, the Granthi Singh performed that Anand Karaj Beadbi in Hannover Gurudwara. He received his money and became afterwards ill. His health problem started 4 days later. He had to go to a hospital for some weeks and had an operation.

Most of the Granthi Singhs have no official job contracts, many of them have no papers, they have no health insurance, no social security and in this state, they are depend and you can exploit them. This behavior is not democratic and it is a lack of taking care for one of the most important person in the Gurudwara. Baba Budha Ji was the first Granthi in Sri Harmandir Sahib and the status of a Granthi, must be respected. The Gurudwara Committees in Germany and in other western democratic countries must take care, that our Granthi Singhs have not only the same rights as we have, they should be in a condition of being an inspiration and support for the Sangat. The relationship and mutual respect between the Granthi Singh and the Sangat is very important for the growth and protection for the Sikh Community and the Sikh Youth.

Sri Akaal Takht Jathedar appointed Jathedar by the SGPC, Giani Harpreet Singh Ji was informed about that Anand Karaj Beadbi. Even if they do not do anything about it, they have to be informed, one day Sri Akaal Takht will be back in the hands of those who really take care for their own Sikh people. Sarbat Khalsa has appointed in 2015 Jagtar Singh Hawara as the Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takht.
The time is requesting for another Gurudwara Reform Movement, which will start soon to uphold the Rehat, to protect the Gurmat foundation, which our Sikh Gurus set for their Sikhs.

Many of the Sikh Missionaries Kala Afghana are belonging to the christian religion or to the hindu faith (RSS - Hindu fascists) they mix the religions, pretending being Sikhs or they are highly suppressed and attacked, that they become silent. The german authorities, they know all about this, but they do not care, maybe this attitude will change one day as well, as the problems are increasing.

Another Anand Karaj Beadbi took place in Gurudwara Sahib in Munich. A young Hindu man, Sonu who has paper problems (illegal immigrant) got married in the Munich Gurudwara also a mixed marriage. If you have paper problems please go to the Ausländerbehörde and say: "I have no papers", than they will take care and you will be registered, and than you have at least some rights in this country. It is their Job and duty. There are thousand of people who have no papers, so we have to help our own Sikh people now, not becoming slaves being in a status of suppression of human traffic supporters and their agents.

***Click here to watch*** The Video of Anand Karaj Beadbi in Hannover Gurudwara
Ganesha, Tilak... and much more!

Background Information - Behind the scene

Cologne-Bonn, Hamburg & Frankfurt

On that former Anti Gurmat webpage "" which was the first official Sikh website in Germany, and should represent our Sikh Community in Germany, you could find for example following:

Sikhs are uneducated, repeating Waheguru Naam makes one stupid, the toilets and kitchens in the Gurudwaras are in a catastrophic conditions (what does this imply?). Our Holy Guru Granth Sahib was compared with 'Götze'. Götze is a degratory, negative term for a God that is alien to one's own religion, espicially an Idol. And in the Glossary the meanings of the words and terminologies were changed, and many things more.

A Sikh man from Iserlohn, Satnam Singh Bhatti translated everything in Punjabi and we informed together the Sangat about it.Khuswant Singh, the chairman of the Council of Religions recommended that website. No one wanted to be responsible for the content, but Khuswant Singh wrote several articles on that webpage, so somehow he had access. Whenever someone wanted to talk to Khuswant Singh about these publications and issues, the Committee of the Council of Religion in Frankfurt blocked the Sikh Community. This webpage was also recommended by the Council of Religion in Hannover by Prof. Reinbold, has stated, that they work together with Khuswant Singh for many years and that he is their friend, knowingly, what was published on it. Khuswant Singh works for the Federal Ministry of Economic in Germany (Bundeswirtschaftsministerium) and his father was supported by the german church. And Rajbir Kaur (Sikh Verband & Sikh Missionary) from Frankfurt married the son of Major Singh from Paderborn (Amritdhari). Major Singh is married to a german Non-Amritdhari woman (Christian) and they have a restaurant. Jatinder Singh Pal told, that both sides (parents) were not in favor of an Anand Karaj, but Rajbir and Jatinder wanted one. Rajbir Kaur was supporting this Anti Gurmat webpage as well and is a close friend of Khuswant Singh's family and Umeet Singh's family (Sikh Verband & Sikh Missionary). We hired a Lawyer and after one year, they could not register anymore on fake addresses (fake names). After that we could bought this webpage with the help of our lawyer and we have set it up according to the original, traditional Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus without insulting our own Sikh Community!

When I asked Robin Randhawa, who is the brother of Ramendeep Singh Randhawa, Hamburg, why he is forwarding to an Anti Gurmat website, where Sikhs are being insulted and the Gurmat teachings are distorted, he answered to get clicks for it!
To get clicks for it! Now you can make up your own mind. Jagmeet Singh was sitting with us, Robin's wife, her mother and some others in Gurudwara Sahib.* About Robin Randhawa: Robins wife from UK is not a Hindu, she is a Sikh, but she has baptized their baby girl, When? They went to the church and than it happened... Karanjit Singh alias Paul Chawla told once in Cologne, that Robin is a Christian. Robins company where he works, is a former christian-jewish foundation, that's why he became a Nindak? No. Yes.

Now Robin retake Amrit with your wife or all of your family members will be drowned. You can change your destiny again, but he can't - why not? He has fallen in love with Jesus. Than Jesus will take care for you and for your family. But do not go to Gurudwara Sahib anymore, and do not bow down in front of Holy Guru Granth Sahib. You can live openly your other christian religion, we do not mind!

Ramendeep Singh Randhawa, the brother of Robin worked for an Indian service at the Indian Embassy in Hamburg, and he is one of the "Khalistanis" who can shout out loud "Khalistan Zindabad", without having any problems, or being harrassed or suppressed like other Khalistan supporters in Germany. Because the Indian Government and also the Indian Embassy in Germany is highly against Khalistan. Ramendeep Singh Randhawa has the support of the indian and german site. He receives lots of promotion. Ramendeep knows all the important numbers, including mine. Ramendeep Singh was promoted from the family of Anand, the sons are Mandeep Singh & Randhir Singh, who has founded the Sikh Verband in Cologne. The boys Mandeep Singh (Sikh Missionary & AKJ), Damendeep Singh (AKJ) Jagmeet Singh (AKJ) started in 2013/2014 until Randhir Singh Anand, Umeet Singh (Sikh Missionary, Stuttgart) and a third person from Munich have taken over as the Sikh Verband Committee. They sent the boys to Vaisakhi in a Hindu Tempel for a interreligious meeting. Mandeep Singh and his family are in support of the views and the distorted teachings of the Sikh Missionaries Kala Afghana (1990), but they also support AKJ (1961) and the sect of Yogi Bhajan (1970). Mandeep Singh's family is close to the german police and to the indian site - they all work together. The family and the Sikh Verband are associated with other Anti Gurmat organisations. It was for example Umeet Singh's Gurudwara who have invited the controversy Kathavackhiks Dhunda and Panthpreet (RSS Agents) who are belonging to the Sikh Missionary Kala Afghana Sect, to distort and to attack the foundation of the Sikh Religion.

Panthpreet Singh was a former Hindu priest and his name was Ramesh Kumar. The Sikh Verband Germany has forgotten to declare donations to the Tax Office, when we mentioned it, they became very unkind and angry with us! The proof for it has the ZKD department and the State attorney office. Umeet Singh Committee member of the Sikh Verband belongs to those Sikh Missionaries. Also they started to tell the Sangat, that the Dastar is one of the 5 Kakaar. To make it sure for all of us - "The Dastar is NOT one of the 5 K's". Ramendeep Singh from Hamburg told this in person! When I asked him, you know them for so long time, why you do not say anything about it?! Because he received the Job at the Indian Service for the Indian Embassy in Hamburg from Mandeep Singh's father Anand. The Sikh Verband is registered as an Non-Profit Organisation, it is their duty to follow the rules of the Tax Office. They never told the Sangat that they are AKJ and Sikh Missionaries, but nowadays most of the Sikh Sangat knows it, and it is up to them, if they like to support them or not.

We, the DISR is standing for the original, traditional Gurmat Teaching and we support all Sikh Institutions who are in tune with the Gurmat teachings of our Sikh Gurus.

Karanjit Singh told a story about Mr. Anand from Cologne, father of Mandeep Singh & Randhir Singh (Sikh Verband, Germany) that Mr. Anand has cheated his wife with a young girl, which was under 18. This incident took place several years ago. The family is still living here in Germany and they know each other. Mr. Anand violated the law, because this is not allowed to do so. Karanjit also told, that Randhir Singh, son of Mr. Anand works for the german Verfassungsschutz (BND) in Cologne, but we have not received any confirmation about it. If this is not true, please give us a call. My phone number you can find under the section "Kontakt". Mr. Anand also said that he does not want to see Baba Banta Singh Ji here in Germany again. Who told this, a Singh from Cologne. Why, he is a Kathavachik. Why, because you are jealous about His knowledge and family lineage? Where do you come from Mr. Anand? His son Mandeep Singh (Sikh Verband Germany) was visiting Malaysia for a meeting, he also went to New York and London, where he met some "Taksalis" (infiltred). He is AKJ & Sikh Missionary Kala Afghana. Someone from Straelen or Cologne told, he is Gay, but we have no further information about it. Maybe this is a rumor. There is a case in Hamburg which is highly disturbing, this man is now exposed.

1. If you are Gay, please do not marry a woman, the woman is an expression of God and has to be protected and respected.
2. You can be Gay as Missionary, Christian, Hindu, etc. but not as a Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj. We, as Khalsa have a Rehat and a moral code. As Khalsa we follow the Code of Conduct (Gurmat Rehat Maryada) and the 52 Hukamname of our beloved Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj. The Sikh Gurus taught their Sikhs to live a life of being a Grisht, a householder.
3. Never touch one of our Sikh children or Sikh women, otherwise we have to take revenge, when our law system fails to deliver justice!

Some of those people are hired from the german Staatsschutz (german intelligence) in co-operation with the church or they work for the Indian Intelligence, or criminals. So it is not only the RSS who is creating lots of planned attacks, hurts and troubles in our Sikh Community, unfortunately also the german site. They all are going ahead in disturbing, attacking, distorting the foundation of the Sikh Religion and trying to weaken the Khalsa Panth. And we go ahead to protect the Gurmat Teachings and the honor of our Sikh Gurus and Holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is not a question of being tolerant or intolerant. This is a fact of upholding, maintaining and protecting the Tradition and the foundation of the Sikh faith and the Gurmat Teaching, which was set up by our Ten Sikh Gurus. Ramendeep Singh (Hamburg) and Karanjit Singh (Paul Chawla) St. Augustin worked together in Sveden for a Company and stayed at a friends house. This family, a well known in Sveden was very kind to them, but Karanjit Singh exploited their hospitality, started flirting and finally slept with the wife of his host and friend and broke their marriage bond. He created lots of Dukh and Bahut pape to the family because of that action. Maybe it was by purpose? Maybe they checked them out. You do not know, what really happened, maybe she was urged to or raped, or was put under drugs. Maybe it was her, who tried to come closer to him? Anyhow, we all were not present. She is a Gursikh Bibian from AKJ but this unfortunate came to her house. We know how they work and we know how these energies are working. When Karanjit retook Amrit he did not confessed it fully, what he did. This is not true, this is true! Now that everybody knows it, Karanjit, you don't need to hide anymore and you are a little bit freer. Ask Ramendeep Singh, he was in Sveden and he knew what has happened. Ask Harbhajan Singh who is one of his spiritual mentors and advisors of Karanjit, they know it. The family of Karanjit lives from Social Welfare (Sozialhilfe), but they bought a big house in St. Augustin, to same time as Ramendeep Singh in Hamburg. I met the Chawla brothers 5-6 times, when I was in Cologne and one time in Frankfurt. Karanjit phoned me/us several times. Karanjit Singh Chawla papers are on a temporary basis, and those officicals like the Staatsschutz or indian service, they know about and they are eager to exploit exactly those who are in a depend and insecure status. They do this for many years. How many of our people are in these very unfortunate conditions around the world. They pretend to be part of the RSS but they not, but they not. So one hand washes the other hand, but this politic is not a politic of humanity, respect and democracy. We, the members of the Khalsa Panth will change this in the upcoming years.

Janpreet Singh Chawla is the brother of Karanjit Singh (AKJ, Sikh Verband). He is working for a Telecommunication company and told that he applied to work with the Verfassungsschutz (german state & home security, intelligence) as a translator. He told us in person, when we stayed in the house of Sodhi in Straelen in 2017. He also mentioned, when we need any numbers or information about a person around Cologne, he can provide it. Janpreet S. Chawla is the brother of Karanjit Singh alias Paul Chawla (AKJ, Sikh Verband Germany, Yogi Bhajan, Catholic Church etc.) Janpreet is married to a young women who comes from a Sikh Missionary family. Granthi Singh Harbhajan Singh from Cologne was looking for a match for him and arranged that marriage. Harbhajan Singh is a Taksali, but it seems, he is a very tolerant one, maybe they told us not the truth... however they are very close connected to each other. Karanjit and his brother Janpreet's mother was married tosomeone who was a criminal, a successful business man. Because of this man, she became so ill and she was not only harrassed, suppressed, abused and insulted by him, no also by those people, for whom Karanjit and Janpreet are nowadays working. Both brothers saw what has happened with their own mother and have let her down. She had to go in a psychatry for some time. The people in the Sangat fought her so bitterly. Why, because she was different than the others, they were so jealous about her, she is a very intelligent, deeply spiritual woman. She saw all what happened. They had many businesses and some of our own people could not bear their success. They tried to make her crazy and to keep her silent. Jagit Kaur from Cologne Gurudwara was involved to fight against the mother of Karanjit. Also the wife of Granthi Harbhajan Singh was involved. Why, ask Jagit Kaur. Jagit Kaur friends belong to those who make the Khalsa Panth weak. The mother of Karanjit was never protected by her own family nor from the Sangat. This is the family of Ekroop Singh from Hamburg (Sikh Verband). She was deeply in Love with Randhir Singh from AKJ and never wanted to go that way she had to go. Also in her downfall involved was the Police and the Staatsschutz (intelligence). The police made many mistakes in their case back than. They put so much pressure on her, they did the same to her, like to me. They tried to destroy her Sharda and the Love to Guru Sahib, etc. Now the family are slaves of those who go against the Khalsa Panth! The illnesses of the mother are the illnesses of her own sons, she bears a lot of pain and mental insecurity. Back than she was given "special medication" who made her more ill.

Granthi Harbhajan Singh invited us to a family Restaurant called "Bolera" in Bonn, all the Cologne Granthis and Ravinder Singh Mukhliana from India & Italy attended that lunch in the apartment of the host (all of them were clean-shaven and had short hairs Sikhs? Hindus?), also Harbhajan's wife from Canada was there. Harbhajan Singh named a young, attractive Sindhu woman "Amrit Kaur" (without giving Amrit) and called her "Maharani". He spent more time with her together, meeting her, bringing her home and was more on the phone with "Maharani" as with his own wife in Canada. This girl was in relation with someone who took drugs... Granthi Harbhajan Singh had no official german papers for more than 20 years, they kept him in this depend state. After more than 20 years he received his german Passport. He never suppported or helped Bhagga. Harbhajan Singh said in the presence of me and 3 other Singhs: "Bhagga should go back to Jail," Karanjit was also there. So, Why he said this, ask him. One time I went to Cologne again, and I gave him a Talwar, which was for some time in front of the picture of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib. I bought it in UK and brought it to him to fight his 'own enemies', (Panch Chor). These episodes with Harbhajan Singh came to an End! He says he is Taksali, and he is one, but they made him really weak and depend. They call him Mahapurakh. We call him Granthi Singh.

Sikh Sangat Germany Hamburg, Kulbir Singh alias Pargat Singh facebook ID is also part of those who are writing cynical, psychic facebook, WhatsApp messages, doing comments, and are putting you in a WhatsApp group without being part of it. He has never taught Gurmat Parchar on His website nor in the Sangat. His parents came 1986 to Germany, and they were not Sikhs, but they took Amrit, his mother told this. His father recently lost almost his leg during an accident at work (Gabelstapler). He could not walk for months, he had lots of pain. After some time I recognized who Kulbir Singh Randhawa is. He can't look into his own future, only our Guru can do this. Kulbir Singh, Wie spät ist es? Der Zug fährt ohne Dich ab.
Karanjit S. Chawla was doing the same on facebook under a fake name. This is not true, this is true, who was Xania Norris and Geierwally & CO ...? How is that possible that you can have more than one account at Facebook under fake names?!

Karanjit Singh Chawla also tries to trap others to incite them to commit crime offences. He is not a Sikh of the Guru anymore, what He did to the Guru House and to other Gursikhs. Ask him for whom he works! We do not want to have an fabricated "Amri case" in our Sikh community! We only say "open toilet lid" & the "bomb droppers" on facebook... Right Karanjit! You slander and harrass others, thinking Guru/God does not see and hear it. Karanjit You must stop immediately these activities, otherwise you will face lots of problems in the future, the same for Kulbir Singh Randhawa, Sikh Sangat Germany and Ramendeep Singh. The Chawlas are very close friends with Damendeep Singh and Mandeep Singh from Sikh Verband Cologne and with Umeet Singh Stuttgart (Sikh Verband & Sikh Missionaries). He is like a close relative to the Chawla Family in St. Augustin. Karanjit is with AKJ, Yogi Bhajan, Sikh Verband, Hanuman Chalisa reciter & Catholic Church, he told us in person, that he went once in a week to a church meeting for a while (he was already a baptized Sikh). It is said, that Karanjit Singh Chawla was also baptized in church. On facebook he hided himself behind a mask and had the name "Xania Norris". Karanjit Singh alias Paul Chawla was a former "drug junky" for many years. But with Gurus Grace he was saved and cleaned but then again, he has fallen into the dark pit of his Nindak friends. If you go against Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, against Guru Gobind Singh Ji's legacy, than what is the use to wear Bana? Another mask was named "Geierwally", and there was a "german Heidrun" very active in Sikh facebook sites. She was a follower of Karanjit Singh's Gursikhi facebook account and the Sikh Verband facebook account. This woman is located in Dortmund and Italy, her close facebook friend was sitting on a motorcyle with Dastar, a big fan of Amitabh Bachan and called us not Sikhs,... No, he put a "D" in front of this word. And there was Verena, Karina, Boris ... Do you know Jens Becker? ... Now you can make up your own mind, what they are doing. One topic was cutting the hair, you remember all! And who were all these Hindu men, who attacked the facebook page of the DISR?

When all these things with Dhunda & Panthpreet in Germany happened, it was Sikh Sangat Germany - Kulbir Singh (Hamburg) who claims being one of the Taksalis, I recognized several incidents with him and his publications. For example during the visit of Baba Banta Singh, Kulbir Singh put my Mobile phone number in a WhatsApp group and has sent me this group to my mobile number. He himself was NOT in that group!? Who was in that group? "Bhagga", "Baba Banta Singh", 2 others and me. Bhagga was recently declared as a Terrorist from Modi's government. Bhagga is a close friend to Ramendeep Singh who worked for the Indian service at the Indian Embassy at Hamburg and Bhagga is also a close friend to Sandeep Singh's family (Hamburg) for more than 15 years. The mother of Sandeep Singh was very kind to me, she works with Bhagga together. So Bhagga was in Jail, but we do not why. He works for this family. Sandeep Singh's number has sent me a Google drive link with a homosexual link under 18 and mentioned Janpreet Singh Chawla in that WhatsApp message. Janpreet belongs to AKJ, Sikh Verband Cologne, he is married to a Sikh missionary Girl. Whenever I had a question regarding the tour Sandeep Singh was very stressed. He told me, if I have any question, I should "ask Janpreet"... But Janpreet Chawla was not the german Tour Manager, it was Sandeep Singh! It was the number of Sandeep Singh. It was about sending the Poster of Baba Avtar Singh Ji's European tour. Instead getting the Poster, they have sent this Google drive link to my WhatsApp Account. Police and State Attorney were informed. He said it was not him, but it was his number. When Sandeep's number was spoofed, than why he did not do anything about it?

A similar case has happened in the UK in 2019 when Baba Avtar Singh was in UK on Tour. Sandeep Singh is from Sikh2Inspire and is a close friend of Sukhraj Singh (Sikh2Inspire). Sandeep Singh's brother in Hamburg is NO Sikh.

When Baba Avtar Singh came to Hamburg, I was invited there and I was in Sandeep Singh's house and something happened to me. The outcome was not expected from them? One of his friends is a man who is in that kind of business of substances. Do you know "Pulverschnee" Sandeep? Sandeep Singh, Have you put something in my food or Coffee? Never ever do those deeds again otherwise you will face a Trial and a backlash in future, this is inevitably. Why are you mentioned here on this site? It is the result of your misdeed. From your number this unlawful ill dirt was sent via WhatsApp. I was invited to your home, I have not send to you an ill dirt Google drive link, it was your Number and I have not put anything in your food or coffee. What kind of problem do you have or the people around you?
If you want to save you, retake Amrit as soon as possible and do not hide behind the curtain of deceit. We can not help you. You must help yourself now.
Very shortly after Hamburg, we went direct to Italy. What happened in Italy 2019 on the Baba Avtar Singh Tour, where Vir Singh and Bibi Sahib Kaur went to? Kulbir Singh (Sikh Sangat, Germany) and some Singhs of Sikh2Inspire were there, too. After Bibi Sahib Kaur arrived from Germany, some hours later Ramendeep Singh Randhawa (Hamburg) and Harsimran Singh (Hamburg) and his friend from Soest came by airplane. Next day the Gore Sikhs took Guru ka Langar and a young men from Paris was looking for a talk with them. Who was the young men from Paris? He was sitting next to them, when they took their Langar, he did not eat. He was watching, how they took their food. Maybe the food was not good or the water or tea was not good, because afterwards Bibi Sahib Kaur felt not good about it,...again, and they left. Before they left something else happened. Maybe one of the german Singhs are knowing this young man from Paris?! He looked similar as Ramendeep's brother Robin, a bit slimmer. And there was another group, a Sikh man around the 50ties who came to Sahib Kaur and told her about Stuttgart. I am in perfect shape I do not have a weak stomach nor problems with dizziness, this for your information.

There were several attempts to harm, to weaken and to remove Bibi Sahib Kaur, but she went through all these attacks, she is still on the scene and she will remain for some more time, until Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj calls her home. She is in Love with them, with our Sikh Gurus and our Shaheeds, that's why they could not be successful in their mission.

But if you know what happened and you watch and do not help, then it is a clear failure to provide assistance, a bodily injury with possible fatal consequences that could have led to physical death. Those men lost their minds.

Regarding the visit of Baba Banta Singh

which has happened before the visit of Baba Avtar Singh (Bidhi Chand Dal Panth) who stayed in the house of Sandeep Singh (Sikh2Inspire) in Hamburg. When Kulbir Singh put me in this WhatsApp Group with Banta Singh, Bhagga and 2 others, I told Kulbir Singh, you should not use my number without my permission. This boy Kulbir Singh and his allies from Hamburg had to delete this WhatsApp group again. And also when my facebook account was blocked, I had to sent a copy of my ID Card to facebook and next day, Kulbir Singh's number has sent a WhatsApp in form of a Video comment about women who wear Lipsticks related to my ID picture which I had to sent to facebook. It was an old picture. I am sure he remembers and many other things. So it became very obvious that Kulbir Singh is somehow involved in those activities.

Please Look at your own house Kulbir Singh, your mother (Amritdhari) is driving Bus without head-cover, (yes we know the Chunni problem, it falls down etc), and is using Kajal and your own sister (Amritdhari) is at the University in Class without head-cover, and when she becomes a Teacher in Germany as Amritdhari, she can not wear Chunni in Class. And by the way she is putting Mascara on her eyes. And you complain about women who wear lipsticks. Balraj Singh your friend's wife is putting red lipstick in Gurudwara Sahib. Do you have ever send her some messages because of that? So what do you want from me? Before attacking other Sikh women and Gursikhs who are in Love and in tune with the Teachings, you should stop that Nindak now. And again Look at your own house. Maybe you have a problem with women? And by the way, I never use lipstick in the Gurudwara. What kind of consciousness is that? Who is the man with the short hairs, cleanshaven with his sport car and Who is the student from Delhi?

Kulbir Singh Randhawa why do you have to do this work? Now that the truth has been out, do you continue with these anti-Sikh activities against your own brothers and sisters? Why are you BANNED from Hamburg Gurudwara Grandweg, you, Robin Randhawa and Ramendeep Singh and your families? Have you ever noticed that you belong to a group that produces these conflicts? Of course the other side is also guilty, but WHO started the fight? Where you are now, in the other Gurudwara, you are not happy either. And why, for this very reason.

We all want to have our peace in our Gurudwaras and in our personal lives, but these conflicts only exist because some people do not want to follow and respect the rules, they violate the Rehat, others out of religious, political motivated reasons RSS, Hindu activism, Anti Sikh sects, church, different intelligences, differences between Congress/BJP. The Sikh Verband Germany is supporting AKJ, Sikh Missionaries and Yogi Bhajan, so they can do that.

And We, as DISR support and stand for the traditional Gurmat teaching and foundation of the Sikh Religion.

I never had any dispute with the family of Kulbir Singh, nor with the family of Sandeep Singh, which I did not know before etc. When we met the parents of Kulbir Singh, we asked them, if they can do the Proof reading of the Sikhi for You brochure in Punjabi they happily agreed to do so, and we gave 300 Euros. No Seva should be for free. Kulbir Singh wrote back, he has no time, but kept the money, we had to remind him several times, to sent the money back. He transferred the 300 Euros back on my banc account. When He is Taksali why he has not helped the DISR, who is promoting the Damdami Taksal Dates? Damdami Taksal is the oldest and highest seat for learning and was set up directly by the Hukam of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj. Guru Sahib has chosen Baba Deep Singh Ji to lead Damdami Taksal to teach the correct meaning and pronouncation of Gurbani, Sikh Ithihaas etc.
Who put 20 mistakes in our commissioned Sikhi brochure (Punjabi version) and got 300 Euro for it? Was it the translation service of the german Staatsschutz, the Indian intelligence or some of their employees in co-operation with the Translation service in Austria or Hamburg? And again the Officials remained silent. They also remained silent when the subpage of our Holy Guru Granth Sahib was deleted.

Where was the Taksali Kulbir Singh, when Panthpreet (RSS Agent & Anti Gurmat) was in Frankfurt? Kulbir Singh said, He was in Paris, whom He met in Paris? His group from Hamburg did not go to Frankfurt to demonstrate against Panthpreet and the Anti-Gurmat League. They, including Robin Randhawa, Ramendeep Singh and others went separately to "another occasion" to Frankfurt when the Missionaries visited Frankfurt for a Panel discussion, to protest? No it was not a protest. They have taken a nice "group photo". And again it was Kulbir Singh who posted the Panthpreet Video on his facebook account, and his Video and the Video of Dhunda had the same voice.

And back then when our Holy Guru Granth Sahib was put in a Hindu Mandir in Essen between the Hindu Gods, and He is still there, it was him, who published this Video of the Beadbi first, which was posted on Khalsa Intelligence Agency, KIA - a Youtube channel who promoted Dhunda and the Sikh Missionaries and had to closed, when we started finding out. Also on that same KIA Channel was Harjinder Singh of SIKHRI.
Some time back Harjinder Singh's Sohji Courses at Sikhri changed the Gurmukhi letters of the Gur Mantar Vaheguru and therefore the meaning of it. So watch out of him that he and his crew are not going more in a wrong direction. He belongs to the Sikh Missionaries as well to the Global Sikh Council. The american Sikh Sangat has more details about these incidents and the former Sohji curriculum by Harjinder Singh and his team.

SOHJI proposes the use of ਵਾਹਗੁਰੂ instead of ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ VAHEGURU

Source: & American Sikh Council

Back to Dhunda, He is a well paid Agent, and has in addition to that two big stores in India. Dhunda said some time ago: Gurbani is low like a prostitute. He was excused from the former (disloyal) Jathedar Gurbachan Singh like Ram Rahim, a high profile criminal who had "Z VIP Protection Status", the highest Level in India from the indian government. He is not a Sikh and was promoted by them to do all these Anti Sikh, Anti Gurmat activities, but his criminal record became so obvious that they could not protect him anymore. He was senced for all his cases in 2017 and is now sitting in Jail for more than 20 years. Before this Video with Dhunda was published, we talked to Harsimran Singh (AKJ & friend of Nirvair Khalsa, who is BANNED on Gurudwara Stage in UK, like Ranjit Dhandrianwale) and to Sukhmanjit Singh (Sikh Verband), both from Hamburg. After this conversation, this Video was sent to me with the Video message "Take legal actions". In this Video, you could see Holy Guru Granth Sahib between the Hindu Gods, and the Voice said e.g. Sikhs are stupid and so on. They knew that we already took legal actions against the former Anti Gurmat website and we were successful. Why exactly these people who claim be the True Ones are not taking legal actions? And Kulbir Singh is one of them, and he can not confess. He is doing several misdeeds and He thinks that is an unseen act. Retake Amrit if you are serious about our Guru and our Sikh Community, otherwise it will be very difficult for them in future to explain: We are Taksalis and we are in tune with our Guru and his Gursikhs. If you do not confess, you will be not accepted in the end. So somehow, you have to find a way out of that situation. Kulbir Singh since when are you in Shiromani Akali Dal, do you support them financially or with Seva. They said No. But you can join them any time. Who is the man in Frankfurt, which you had a close friendship? The Police now, me too. It is better to stay away from it, because you create too much trouble for us with your activities. You applied to work at the german police but they rejected you, because you wear headcover and being a Sikh. If you do not mind, we can change your outlook, maybe you have than a chance. Say hello to Badal and give a Kiss to "Monika".

Sikh Sects & Anti Gurmat Activities

There are several Sikh sects which was founded to distort, to divide, to cut off the legs of the foundation of the Sikh Religion and the Khalsa Panth. We do not say in what you have to believe, we only say and publish what is the Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus. Those Sikh sects are following the rules and guidelines which were set up by human Gurus in the 19./20th century, which are supported by the Government or by other Anti Gurmat/Anti Sikh elements. Everyone can believe in what he/she wants, but when our Guru and we are attacked - we have the right to speak out, to defend and to protect.

*The fake Nirankaris who insulted the Holy Guru Granth Sahib and our Sikh Gurus. They started in a manner of extreme attacks towards the Sikh community and the Sikh Religion!

*Akhand Kirtani Jatha (AKJ) was established in 1961 by Randhir Singh, and they became famous because of their energetic Kirtan, but they changed also the Kakaar of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, they say the Dastar is one of the five Kakaar, which is not true, and also they have changed the Amrit Sanchar Baptism Ceremony of the Tenth Sikh Guru. The Mool Mantar goes in the original Amrit Sanchar ceremony since 1699 from Ik Oankar until Nanak Hosee bhee sach, but AKJ is promting until Gurprasad.
When I asked them, when you are in Love with Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, Why have you changed His legacy and his rules? Because when we are becoming Khalsa than we should follow our Gurus Hukam and His guidelines. The same with Baba Deep Singh and Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh and their Taksal, which were founded under "direct instruction" of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj. They were realized Gursikhs, one with Him, they were so close to our Sikh Gurus, to spread the correct teachings. So when they do Katha about Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed, they ignore this fact?

*Yogi Bhajan Sect, which was founded around 1970's, they mix Hinduism, Yoga with some parts of Sikhism and they call it "White Tantra". The Yoga system belongs to Hinduism and not to the Sikh Religion and the Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus. You can train and practice Gatka which is part of the Sikh faith. The one who translated the English Version of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, is Sant Singh, he belongs to the Yogi Bhajan Group and worked together in co-operation with Kulbir Thind.

They translated the four Purusharthas, the four Blessings of Guru/God in Holy Guru Granth wrongly.

They translated Kam as "Sexual Success" instead of the correct meaning "fulfillment of desire" and several more mistakes are in this English version. They never corrected those mistakes. I informed them several times, and also informed SGPC which is using that Version as well for sending out the Daily Hukamnama. In this English Version of Holy Guru Granth Sahib you can find these mistakes e.g. on Ang 816, Ang 927, Ang 1201. This wrong translation and meaning is also found on all available Apps, in addition to other mistakes like "Guru of Gum" or "party-goer" etc.

*The Sikh Missionaries Kala Afghana were founded in the 1990's (many say, they are like the fake Nirankaris). They got lots of support from the government to spread Anti Gurmat, Anti Sikh Theses and from the RSS, the Hindu facists.
They also work close with some Christian groups together e.g. *Batala-Berkely-Toronto Group, the Institute of Christian Approach to Sikhism which was founded by the controversy William H.Mc Leod to distort and to insult the Gurmat Teaching and also other Christian missionary groups etc. And there are many more sects.

Thoughts about these issues

Now think about how you behaved towards other Gursikhs, Sikh women, towards our Sikh Gurus, to Holy Guru Granth Sahib, to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj and why we have to publish this, yet. The german officials have not taken any steps to solve these issues in all the filed reports. They failed to follow and uphold the laws in our constitution, this is not always the case, but it has happened in many cases.

Because it started again, without any reason and without any ground, No, it went on and on...
If we do not stop it now, you destroy your own well-being and families, you destroy the life of others, the communal harmony and the basic foundations of our common democracy! We know, that the Anti-Sikh Elements are very well organized worldwide, but know one thing, to call you a democrat and to try to destroy anothers faith, will bring you such a shame and a downfall at least at the end of your personal life, when you leave that body. One is working for the indian site, others are working for the german site, others for the church and others for criminals. I and other honest Gursikhs are dedicated to work for Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and as baptized Sikhs we are in Love and dedication in the service of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj! And this is the true Profit!

Facebook - Sikh Hashtag, WhatsApp, Google & Alternatives

In the worldwide Sikh Hashtag in 2020 my Facebook Account was suddenly deleted. Many of our Sikh brothers and Sisters have faced similar deletion or blockings during that time. What was on my Facebook Account? A beautiful picture of Baba Nanak Dev Ji and some beautiful quotes of Gurbani, nothing else. Facebook & Co must watch out to follow the rules and to prevent any discrimination or hate posts against the Sikh Community. With a $5,7 billion investment parntership between India and Facebook group these mistakes and incidents should not happen! It is also known, that intelligence workers, criminals, Anti-Sikh elements, Social Media giants can do that. They can spoof phone numbers, pretending being your friend's number, they can put and delete pictures in your accounts, they can change Youtube links as well after sending to you. So make sure, when something happens to you, make immediately a Screenshot, print it out, call that person, if it was her/him who has sent it to you. Report it and make it public. There are some alternatives which are recommended and are used in the area of privacy data protection. One of the best Browser in that field is Duckduckgo - The European commission for their employees and diplomats are recommending a more secure alternative to WhatsApp, which is called Signal messenger -
Also find out how Google tracks you is collecting, sharing and selling your private datas. The Google-Chef in the US is the indian Sundar Pichai, who studied in Pennsylvania, USA. In 2018, more than 350,000 shares worth approximately $380 million were transferred to the Google Chef Sunder Pichai for special compensation. In the same year Google had to kick 48 employees out for sexual harassment. Sunder Pichai wrote a letter to his employees. This was in response to an exposé in the New York Times that investigated numerous allegations of sexual harassment at Google. Cases were covered up and the guilty parties were apparently even compensated when they left the company. Among them was the well-known Android inventor Andy Rubin.
(Source: -!373397104).
Other important indian leaders on the US and world market are Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Adobe President and CEO Santanu Narayan, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and Mastercard's CEO Ajay Banga.

If you use WhatsApp & Social Media and if something happens to you, be prepared and know about, what can happen. And do always a Screenshot. Our accounts are watched by officials and their co-operative agents. If they spoof numbers and emails, you should know it in advance.

Sharing some articles about the vulnerability of WhatsApp and Facebook security

NEW - Facebook Messenger Bug Lets Hackers Listen to You Before You Pick Up the Call

***How to protect your privacy - Device Privacy Tips***

Anti-Sikh treatment in Germany

We appeal to the german Government, to the german Staatsschutz/Verfassungsschutz (intelligence), police and church not to participate or to support any kind of racism, religious discrimination, Anti-Sikh, Anti-Gurmat, Anti-democratic activities against Sikh individuals and the Sikh community in our common democratic society. How much democracy are we still living?

We live in a democracy and as Sikhs, we have to protect the honor of our Sikh Gurus, their teachings and the dignity of our Eternal living Guru, Holy Guru Granth Sahib. As Sikhs, as Khalsa we have also the duty and responsibility to maintain and protect the civil and human rights, for equality, justice, truth and righteousness, for freedom of speech, freedom to express and the freedom of belief! We stand against Hindu RSS activism/fascism, against suppression in our Sikh Gurudwaras and in our personal lives. We stand against unlawful activities, human traffic (modern slavery), which is a grave human violation, it attacks not only the dignity of being a human, it attacks the moral foundation of the global society and goes against the teachings of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and the Sikh Gurus. No one without papers should fear anymore!
We stand against Anti Gurmat & Anti Sikh distortion of our Sikh History. We believe in the universal brotherhood of mankind and we pray in our daily Ardas for the wellbeing and blessings of All.

In the service of the True Guru!
Bibi Sahib Kaur

Indian Spy Cases against Sikhs 2014-2020 Germany

2014/2015 - Ein 45-jähriger Mann indischer Staatsangehörigkeit in Koblenz wurde wegen Agententätigkeit zu neun Monaten Haft verurteilt worden. Er hatte für den indischen Geheimdienst Informationen über in Deutschland lebende Sikhs, indischstämmige Deutsche beschafft und an einen Mitarbeiter des indischen Generalkonsulats in Frankfurt weitergeben. Bekannt ist auch, dass der indische Geheimdienst Greenpeace International und Amnesty International ausspäht. Beide Organisationen prangern die Missachtung der Lebensrechte indigener Gemeinschaften an.

English: A 45-year-old man of Indian nationality was sentenced to nine months in prison in Koblenz for acting as an agent. He had obtained information about Indians, Germans of Indian origin and Sikhs living in Germany for the Indian secret service and passed it on to an employee of the Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt. It is also known that the Indian secret service is spying on Greenpeace International and Amnesty International. Both organizations denounce the disregard for the rights of indigenous communities.

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Mutmasslicher Spion aus Koblenz vor Gericht - Suspected spy from Koblenz in court

It is said, that he was also connected to a Human Traffic ring.

Indian Spy Case in 2016/2017

Der indische Spion wanderte 1984 über Moskau nach Ost-Berlin aus und ging dann nach Bielefeld, wo er ab 1995 für fast 20 Jahre offiziell hauptberuflich in der "Zentralen Ausländerbehörde in Bielefeld" arbeitete. Er spionierte Sikhs aus und fälschte und verkaufte Passdokumente. Dieser Spion soll ein Hindupriester aus dem Hindu Tempel von Strebekamp in Bielefeld, Deutschland gewesen sein.

English: This indian spy immigrated in 1984 to East Berlin via Moscow, and went from there to Bielefeld, Germany where he started working officially full-time at the 'Central Immigration Office in Bielefeld', from 1995 for almost 20 years. He was spying on Sikhs and forged and sold passport documents. This Spy was also a Hindu priest at the Hindu Temple at Strebekamp, in Bielefeld, Germany.
Three articles from 11.11.2016 & 15.01.2017

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Bielefelder Spion für Indien unter Anklage - Bielefeld spy for India under indictment

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Mutmasslicher Spion aus Bielefeld vor Gericht
Suspected spy from Bielefeld in court***

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Several years in prison for the Indian Spy from Bielefeld

Indian Spy Case 25.- 27. August 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany

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One indian person can not spy on the Sikh community in Germany. It is an organized network that has been built up for years. Several of them like the indian Bielefeld spy are involved in Human traffic. They infiltrate, interfere and damaging our Sikh community in Germany. And some groups from the german site as well. So please STOP THAT, that we can live and practice our Sikh faith in peace and communal harmony in our Sikh Gurudwaras. To have no papers, no passport, or fake papers, makes you prone of being suppressed, exploited and being kept in a slave state, where you should not be as a human being. These conditions must be solved by each Government, to give an official status and allowance to work and not to live from social welfare or in an Asyl status for more than 20 years, where you are not allowed to work. Especially the Sikhs want to work, because it is one of their very important Hukam (command) of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji - "Kirat Karo".
The Government is responsible to set up a new trend and new laws, to avoid a further burden on the social system, to avoid illegal work and that people slide into criminality.

To guarantee the communal peace and to uphold the Sikh/Gurmat Rehat Maryada in our Sikh Gurudwaras, the Gurudwara Committee must be formed by five baptized Sikhs (Amritdharis) as per instruction of Sri Akaal Takht, the highest seat of temporal Sikh authority.

Anti-Sikh Elements & their inhuman treatment

It is also known, that Anti Sikh elements like the RSS, intelligence workers, or criminals are putting Sikh people down in attacking and harming them in a way of giving them some kind of damaging poison in the food or drinks, e.g. in a private house programm. Unfortunately this has happened already in our Gurudwaras as well. They call it "Put them under Drugs". This is not true, this true. This has happened many times before when they want to stop or get rid of you. Some of our Sikh political prisoners, Sikh activists, human rights activists, Whistleblowers, Khalistan supporters and innocent Sikh people have experienced already these harming attacks as well.

The side effects are well documented: Difficulty in breathing up to respiratory arrest, heavy body and muscle pain, dizziness, vomoting, diarrhea, headache, severe hallucinations, anxiety, nosebleeds, bleeding in the stomach & bowel movement, visual disturbances, loosing of eye sight, damage to the visual and hearing organs, nerve twitching, severe nervous disorders, paralysis, heart pain, heart attacks, lack of concentration, depression, sleep disorders, Itching and scratching of the skin. The intake of methane can lead to increased respiratory rate (hyperventilation) and increased heart rate, it can cause short-term low blood pressure, numbness in the extremities, drowsiness, mental confusion and memory loss, all caused by a lack of oxygen. The acute effects of over-exposure to benzene are well known in general terms. Effects on the central nervous system predominate, but benzene exposure can also cause irritation, cardiovascular effects, and effects on the kidney. There is little quantitative data in the toxicity literature concerning human health effects associated with acute exposures to benzene: Drowsiness, Dizziness Rapid or irregular heartbeat, Headaches, Tremors, Confusion, Unconsciousness, Vomiting Irritation of the stomach, Convulsions. Benzene causes harmful effects on the bone marrow and can cause a decrease in red blood cells, leading to anemia. It can also cause excessive bleeding and can affect the immune system, increasing the chance for infection, Death (at very high levels).
The aim is to hurt the Thought level, the Nervous system. There are different drugs or poison which they use, one of them is "Benzol" (Benzene), "Methan" (Methane), "Cocaine", different kind of chemicals, mentally and physically damaging substances etc.

Also we rallied for our Sikh brothers and Sikhs Sisters to get justice for the November Genocide in 1984 and in december 2018, some justice was given after 34 years, six man received a life long imprisonment. Our people were burnt alive, hacked into pieces, they raped our Sikh women, tortured innocent Sikh man and tried to destroy the Sikh faith. If the dirt has been swept under the carpet for so many years, one day it has to be cleaned, like it or not, it's important to sort things out for the future.

Sikh politics under Merkel & Co.

Mrs. Merkel, our german Chancellor only supports and works with the Sikh Missionaries Kala Afghana together and other Anti-Sikh elements. She is in support of Khuswant Singh & the previous Anti Sikh, Anti Gurmat website & Khuswant Singh's church supporters. Those people like Him, Dhunda, Panthpreet are getting police protection, like the Mafia Boss from Montenegro, right?! They can express freely their views and they can publicly insult our Holy Guru Granth Sahib and the Sikh Community? They destroy the communal harmony in the Sikh Community. And of course the economic relation with India is more important than to protect and support also the human and civil rights of germans and of minorities in Germany. Merkel has always pursued an Anti-Sikh policy in her legislative period. Merkel is only interested in power and money. She is not capable to lead this country anymore in a way of creating more peace, more contentment, common sense, respect, more economic success, more values. We need politicians with an open mind and a loving heart to inspire and to uplift - and we need truthful politicians! Hannover for example, is one of the hot spots in Germany and most of the people do not know. Who governs this country? It is not Merkel anymore. If you make contracts with weapon and drug dealer, if you make contracts with Anti-democratic forces and if you change the Staatsschutz into the Stasi, the result is the dead of our laws. And this is not true? This is true.

The condition of Germany were never so unfavorable as we face in the last couple of years and right now. The crime rate in Germany has risen dramatically in recent years, but Crime statistics are no longer given truthfully! The corruption in the law and politics, in the police forces and military are increasing, the low payment in the areas (police and military) are a big shame. Racism, Hate and unequality is a sad development in our country and has increased under her leadership. Not investing in the digital and advanced internet world is one of the mistakes of Merkels government. We are behind in Germany. The service computers at the public and police stations are not fast and updated enough. And Do not shake hands with the Mafia, because their values are not the values of our constitution and not the values of an ethical and moral order! The big scandals at the Federal Office for Migration has shown how corrupt the system of her politics and her people became. She does not support Truth and Righteousness. Human traffic is a billion-dollar business, lucrative, even for some members of parliament and law and forces, who are involved in it. The legal system in germany does not work properly anymore. The economy is blocked. She wants to bring everything under her control and that is not possible. The freedom of opinion, press and faith has never been so restricted and manipulated as under the Merkel legislature. The vitality and freedom of our democracy is becoming like a dry and cloudy desert. Her politics is not uplifting nor inspiring for the citizens of germany nor bringing people and cultures together. Her politics are not innovative it is stagnating and dividing. Her environmental policy does not meet the needs and requirements of the 21st century. Environmental and climate protectors are disadvantaged. The pollution in nature, the use of too high, carcinogenic pesticides and highly chemical agents has a long-term negative effects on the entire cycle. Genetically modified food with additives, adversely affect the natural balance in the human mind body system. Mrs. Merkel's drug policy is one single irresponsible disaster, no school in Germany is free of drugs anymore. She is not interested in protecting our school kids in Germany!

Until 1989 Merkel was a communist and became 1990 a christian democrat (CDU). She has no idea what is going on the streets, in the minds and hearts of the citizens of this democratic country. Merkel and her supporters and co-operatives destroyed the social-political harmony in Germany. The political parties are all internally divided. Mrs. Merkel is responsible for all the dirt which has happening to our people in this country. She divided our Sikh families, she has destroyed our friendships but she has faced her own divorce from her husband. She supports all the homosexual and pedophile christian priests and child abuser. These men never faced a trial. The CDU has lost so many voters and is now down. She has lost her mind to harrass our Sikh people. She is inviting all the criminals* to Germany to bring Germany down, but in a nice costume (*We mean the Mafia, not the refugees). The TV host Carmen Nebel came also from the DDR ... I do not vote for any party anymore, but I can see, that all the parties are infiltred by HER people and agenda. Some recognized already, there will be a change. Mrs. Merkel must do what "Soros", the Pate is saying and dictating. They plan all these revolutions but unfortunately they are not the right ones. That's why, United Kingdom left the European Union. Soros Time on earth is soon over, He and his buddies left a burning world and so is his pain now. No one has left the world in such a dilapidated state as these ignorant politicians. The European Union is an important institution and its achievement and should accordingly act on the basis of commonality and national independence. It should not become dependent on individual multi-billionaires and their plans, as it was in the past. Ineffective politics and lack of caring, inattention, irresponsibility are the factors who are creating problems in society. Does Mrs. Merkel know, that WE the Sikhs are existing in Germany? Members of the Staatsschutz & State police are insulting, suppressing women, religious minorities, members of the oppostion on Social media, on facebook, on WhatsApp behind fake accounts or spoofed numbers. They use your contacts. They do hate posts and are supporting excatly, what we all do not want RACISM and HATE in our democratic country. You must change this un-democratic and inhuman, respectless behavior. Otherwise you will face one crisis after another in your government. We do not want the DDR back nor a fascist Germany. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is a close friend and ally of the governments, facebook talks about Democracy and freedom, but they do not know what they talk about it. He is doing every year the same, to stop the Sikh Community in posting about the June attack of 1984 and the Sikh November Genocide 1984. Employees of Facebook are doing the same as members of the Staatsschutz (home land intelligence).
Mrs. Merkel has no plan for all the refugees. They live in the containers for many years and they get Social welfare. That's it. The law does not allow them to take up a work quickly. Mrs. Merkel & Co. are creating a problem for which they themselves are responsible and thus put a strain on the social and financial system in Germany. The redistribution of finances is no longer a fair play in this country. You must build a bridge, they talk about bridges, but they are not able to build bridges. The politics of Merkel is siding with Modis RSS Anti-Sikh agenda, she does not care much about the Sikhs in Germany. She will never help the Sikhs because she is in agony with the Sikh Religion as we could see and experience in all the last couple of years. She appears concerned, but does nothing to improve the situation in Germany. She does not support equal rights for every citizen which is anchored in our constitution. As Sikhs, we do not have equal rights in this democratic country. In germany we have not equal opportunities in the field of Public service and Government jobs. They do not allow us, to live our full identity as Sikhs and wear our symbols of belief, the 5 Kakaar and our Dastar. This is not democratic. Mrs. Merkel's agenda is exactly the outcome of unequality and of support of an un-democratic behavior. Mrs. Merkel must following the Grundgesetz again and must support our constitution. We hope she is not angry with us, but in this country we have the law of expressing ourselves as artists, writers, journalists, spiritual beings, etc. We need a chancellor who supports and protects our laws in our constitution, who is in love with this country, without being a Nazi, who protects all and who wants a betterment for all. BUT HER PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BLACKMAIL US ANYMORE.
***** Please note, this article about Sikh Politics in Germany reflects my own personal opinion.*****

The issue with the webpage (UK & USA)

Topic today is the issue with the Website maintained by former Damdami Taksal Students Sukhraj Singh and Akaal Publisher Harjinder Singh from UK.

Sukhraj Singh from Leeds is the founder of Sikh2Inspire.
What exactly is the issue with that webpage (UK) and the involvement of my person?
In 2017 I referred to that website on the DISR webpage which we set up in december 2016. I started reading the section of the 'Ten Gurus'. Under Satguru Nanak Dev, there were in one text three different Avtar dates! The same with our other Sikh Gurus, there were 2 different Avtar dates in one text block, so very confusing. In addition to that I found under the section 'Gatka' that Miri Piri de Malik Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, was trained in Shastra Vidya by the Hindu Hill Rajas. I met Sukhraj Singh and his family in 2016 in Leeds, where Sant Baba Avtar Singh, Sursingh Wale (Nihang Panth Baba Bidhi Chand Dal) was on visit during his UK Tour. I contacted Sukhraj Singh and Akaal Publisher Harjinder Singh regarding these issues, because they maintained this website as former Damdami Taksal Students. Back and forth - after 2 months they changed the dates correctly according to the Bikrami Dates (Damdami Taksal). I have sent Sukhraj Singh and Harjinder Singh the Screenshots and asked them why they put these different dates on it, and why it takes so long to correct the content, when they are members of Damdami Taksal. I told and informed some members of the Sangat in Germany and sent these Screenshots with the incorrect e.g. to other Gursikhs in Germany. Miri Piri de Malik Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj was trained from Baba Budha Ji and not from the Hindu Hill Rajas! After three years it is still on that webpage. The headquarter of Damdami Taksal is in Mehta Chowk. The Official website of Damdami Taksal is:

The website owner/host of this webpage is the "Khalisfoundation" in the United States
Khalis Foundation
3230 Arena Blvd, Ste 245-176, Sacramento, CA 95834
You can check them out under:

They run a number of websites ( including the webpage. Bhai Sukhraj Singh is somehow connected to them, because He is the contact person of this Damdami Taksal Webpage.


Sukhraj Singh you can't leave it like it is!

Sikh2Inspire Video by Sukhjeevan Singh at the Sikhi Camp about the Caste System

On this video about Anand Karaj published by Sikh2Inspire, Bhai Sukhjeevan Singh, a member of Sikh2Inspire talks about the Caste system beginning from 9:38 minute until 13:54 minute, that "Sri Guru Gobind Singh did not abolish the caste system"... At 13:00 minute he said: "They made a fifth caste" (Amritdharis)... at 13:23 minute "He created a superior caste".

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Note: Here the Truth

When Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj established the Khalsa Panth in the will of Akaal Purakh Waheguru, he has abolished the caste system and blended all four castes into one brotherhood.

ਉਪਮਾ ਖ਼ਾਲਸੇ ਜਾਤ ਨ ਕਹੀ ॥
A Praise to the casteless Khalsa.
(Sarbloh Granth, Amrit Kirtan, P. 291)

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj said on Vaisakhi 1699:

From today on you are freed from the four bonds of castes in society: Krit, Kul, Dharam and Karam.

The Mughal reporter, Ghulam Mohyiuddin, wrote the following report on the founding of the Khalsa Panth:

He has abolished caste and custom, old rituals, beliefs and superstitions of the Hindus and bonded them in one single brotherhood. No one will be superior or inferior to another. Men of all castes have been made to drink out of a single bowl. Though orthodox men have opposed him, about twenty thousand men and women have taken baptism of steel at his hand on the first day.

***We ask Sikh2Inspire kindly to remove that statement, that we are the fifth caste of the Hindu society.*** If you leave it like it is, than it is a clear statement in opposition towards our Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj and towards the Guru Khalsa Panth.

In the service of the True Guru
Bibi Sahib Kaur Khalsa
September 2020

All Sikhs in Germany

We as Sikhs, does not matter to which group or Jatha you belong are living in the same country, we should not go against each other, sometimes difficult, yes this is true, but we all have to find a common ground to get all the same rights here in this country as everybody else have like in England, Canada etc.

Of course we have difference in opinions and views, despite that fact, when you are a Sikh than you should be legal in this country and respected of who you are. A member of AKJ faces the same problem as a Gursikh of Damdami Taksal in Germany. If you are a Sikh of the Guru, than you follow his Hukam and His teachings. The current government never took any steps to help or to support the Sikh Community in Germany, to understand more deeper of who we are. We have to wear with dignity our symbols of faith, the 5 Kakaar and not to hide them anymore under the cloths which we all did for years. The germans must understand the true meaning of the Kirpan and recognizing our Sikh religion as distinct. What is not right now, can be made right again, from all sides.

Freedom to express, Freedom to inform
Freedom of belief

My name is Sahib Kaur, almost 50, divorced from a man who works for the State police in Germany, and re-married with Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and his tenth form Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj ;-) I belong to the House of the Guru. I reported exactly what has happened in the last couple of years, months and weeks, and many things more. I have set up all these webpages to share and to spread the beautiful teaching of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and the Sikh Gurus. My stand is very clear. I am a Lover and Follower of Baba Nanak, and no one can divorce us. I share my story with you, because maybe YOU are the next one, that's why, it is important to inform and to protect you. No one should compare or compete, because everyone is on his/her level of conciousness and from that level we start and proceed our journey, we understand things or we do not. But we should not bother about these issues, as Gursikhs, we give our mind, body and soul to our Guru, trust fully in Him, devout your whole Being, make your life journey fruitful - experience the bliss within your own home. The Love is Yours.

When the Truth is coming out!

When the Truth is coming out, what to do? Right!
No one is without mistakes, only Guru/God is perfect. Stay detached and stay happy as a Sikh of our Guru! When something goes wrong in our democratic country like Germany regarding our Sikh community, than there is a need to talk about in public and this we did.

If you want a change, be the change. We wish every 'Sikh' a Journey to and with Baba Nanak Dev Ji. The Guru implants not only the Naam, He implants the Love for God. Please follow the Guru's path and feel his blessings and happiness. And do not forget, whatever comes to pass is according to one's own Karma, it is a redemption and in Sikhi it is also a great test to become exactly that soul which Baba Nanak wants you to be, to stand up and to fight for truth and righteousness, to surrender to His Will and to become free and merge with HIM, with Guru/God almighty.

Only those who have no fear to go through the fire and burn their karmic deeds down, can reach HIM. Their faces are radiant and they are accepted in the court of the Lord, as Holy Guru Granth Sahib states.

Raj Karega Khalsa & Democracy

In every democratic country the privacy and protection of the individual, the freedom of speech, the freedom to express your belief is deeply anchored in the value system of the constitution, which is based on a human-ethical, equality, social and justice system. In germany we have not equal opportunities in the field of Public service and Government jobs. They do not allow us, to live our full identity as Sikhs and wear the 5 Kakaar and our Dastar. This is not democratic and not in the Zeitgeist. England, Canada etc you can work and express yourself as a Sikh without restrictions also in government jobs. Our Sikh Community, our Khalsa Panth is based on a Nation and this was declared by our Sikh Gurus themselves.

The tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj came into this world to uphold and to protect Truth and Righteousness on earth.
This is the basis of creating peace, contentment, communal harmony, empathy, mutual respect, tolerance and freedom in the individual and in the global society.

The Guru Khalsa Panth is protecting the honor and the legacy of our Sikh Gurus

The Guru Khalsa Panth is not destroyable, they all tried so hard over the centuries. The Guru Khalsa Panth will change the Kali Yuga into the Sat Yuga again. I can't change the Truth, it is already written in the Manusmirti, which is approx. 3000 years old, that Guru Nanak's Panth will do this and from the Parkama of Sri Harmandir Sahib the rays of Light and blessings will shine forth for the whole world. The Khalsa Panth will play an important role to help and to uplift humanity in future.

This is the play and fight of Abibek and Bibek. In the next twenty years, the wheat will separate from the chaff. It is never too late, to correct and dedicate yourself to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj.

We have nothing against anyone, we believe in the unity of human race, in the universal Love of Guru/God. We respect all humans and religions and wish them all the best. BUT, when our Sikh Gurus, our Holy Guru Granth Sahib and our personal life is attacked, insulted, suppressed, harrassed and if our personal datas are not protected anymore and sold out, when our Human dignity and the private law of personal life is not protected in a democratic country, than we will raise our SIKH VOICE.

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