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DISR Website, Social Media and being a Gursikh

I came into Sikhi in 2015 and took Amrit in 2016 (retook Amrit in 2019, UK) from there on, my work for our Sikh Gurus and their Gurmat Teaching started. In the year of 2016 we hired a Lawyer to get the webpage 'www.sikh-religion.de' which had Anti Gurmat, Anti Sikh contents on their webpage. It was recommended by the Council of Religions and the church in Frankfurt, Germany and their representatives for the Sikh Religion. The House of Religion Hannover also recommended that Anti Gurmat website and the representatives of that webpage. In december of 2016 we also set up the DISR german information center for Sikh Religion in Hannover, Germany on a voluntary service according to the traditional Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus.

In 2017 we were successful with our Lawyer to buy the former Anti Gurmat webpage www.sikh-religion.de, because the persons who were in charge of that website, registered on fake names/fake addresses. After buying it, we could set up the webpage according to the Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus. In 2017 we went on Social Media and were attacked, harrassed, pressured and insulted, also on WhatsApp, SMS, Email and private phone, content were changed and deleted on our DISR webpage (including the site of our Holy Guru Granth Sahib). Content were deleted on the facebook account, on WhatsApp, my WhatsApp codes came from private numbers and private companies, etc.
One person in charge of the german Staatsschutz (Hannover) and 2 representatives of the state police told us in 2019 two people will go to Jail. But the public prosecutor's office (State attorney, Hannover) said exactly the opposite. They made two different statements in our case. When we asked them, why one site is saying that and the other site is contradicting it, they remained silent. I faced in my own case, negligence, failure to provide help and assistance, non-stop harassment, oppression tried to silence me and the attempt to stop the DISR webpage and to bring me out of sight. They never told us the truth! They lied to us. To protect their own people who went against the law and/or criminals. They can not follow their own rules anymore, thats why the corruption and the chaos in germany has arosen. The legal system is not working properly anymore.

Many of our Sikh brothers and Sikh sisters have experienced similar treatment with no protection for private data nor protecting the persons life and their wellbeing. Because of that I had to file in 2018 the first report at the police and officials in Lower-Saxophony. After that I filed several reports until August 2020, the last was regarding a vandalized, damaged second version of the DISR - the "Nihang subpage" in the Internet. The Government should not allow their police and intelligence employees, does not matter on which side they operate, nor criminals, to harras or to insult members of our Sikh Community!
When we, as Sikhs are spyed on, the government does not inform you nor does they give any compensation to the victims.

Following cases (we can not publish all) including my own case has happened in the time frame from 2017 - 2020 in Hannover, Germany.

*Police officer reportedly warned drug dealers. A 36-year-old commissioner from the Hanover Police Department is suspected of corruption. He was saved as "The nice cop" in a drug dealer's cell phone. (HAZ)
In the south more than 20 Police officers are consuming drugs and are involved in drug trafficking- (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
*The corruption scandal with the police in Hannover is apparently more far-reaching than previously known. According to HAZ information, there is at least one head of a police station among the 33 suspicious officers and employees of the agency. (HAZ>
*For example the public prosecutor's office had to investigate a breach of trust and corruption against the former mayor of Hannover. This was one of the biggest corruption cases in Lower-Saxophony, Germany, first the scandal with the CDU Lower-Saxophony and than the SPD Lower-Saxophony... (Focus, April 2019) In the swamp of corruption.
*Another case, as per Media report 4 secret files have disappeared in the Criminal Police Office (LKA Hannover) regarding informants. Why are they not kept in a secure place at the LKA? Secret service documents must be stored securely. How is that possible? The answer: On May 9th, 2019 confidential documents had been stolen from the private car of an LKA officer. Only on Friday, Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) and LKA President Friedo de Vries informed domestic politicians and the public. The case: The official interrupted work for a visit to the doctor by his child on May 9. He parked at the pediatric clinic on Bult, presumably there the briefcase was stolen from the trunk between 4 and 6 pm.
Contents: Documents on V-people of the LKA, photos, but also a service cell phone, money to pay informants and V-people - and an EC card issued on the camouflage identity of the officer.
Curious: The police were later unable to find any signs of forced entry on the vehicle. It was unclear whether the car had been broken into. "However, the officer stated that he had locked the vehicle," said LKA president de Vries. Our politicians are becoming more and more corrupt and dishonest. There will and there must be a change.(Bild, HAZ May 2019)
*Another interesting case: 4 Justice officers get drugs, cell phones and weapons for prisoners in Hannover, Sehnde prison. The justice ministry did not want to inform the press, first they denied the case, but than they had to confirm. (HAZ, September 2019)
*A mafia boss from Montenegro was keeping the Hannover Medical School (MHH) on tenterhooks: police officers with machine guns are standing at the main entrance. This well-known mafia boss received police protection, his guarding was also likely to be an expensive affair - for the taxpayer (RTL). The case around the treatment of the presumed clan leader continues to cause unrest. Again and again the question arose who should pay for the expensive two-week police operation. This huge investment cost taxpayers dearly. 2500 shifts, 16,000 hours of service. The personnel costs alone will amount to around 900,000 Euros, according to Volker Kluwe, President of the Hannover police force.
(HAZ & Bild, February 2020)

Why is the police and our home ministry in Lower-Saxophony in support of a real criminal? He received not only police protection, he and his wife could enjoy a helicopter flight from the State Police, Germany... He belongs to the Mafia Clan, but maybe he is a friend of a (business) friend... Something goes wrong!

*A research study in Berlin has published that no school in Germany is free of drugs! (Ministry, Berlin 2019)
*According to information from the NDR, several federal police officers from Hannover are said to have spread xenophobic and hate comments on Facebook. Four police officers are alleged to have complained of a “criminal migration mob” in relation to alleged criminals. (HAZ)
*Another police officer of the Hannover police headquarters is said to have violated official secrecy! As reported by the chief police director in the interior committee of the state parliament, the man has photographed personal datas and sent it via WhatsApp during an investigation. He also sent out right-wing extremist pictures. (Bild)
*There are serious allegations for which a 52-year-old police officer has to answer before the Hannover regional court. At the request of a client, he is said to have purposefully obtained internal police intelligence and sold these information, involved is a 59 year old gym owner and two other officials (55 and 39). (NDR, July 2020)
*The story sounds like a bad script: A police officer is being tried at the Hannover Regional Court, who also works as a private detective - and is said to have sold data from the service computer. With him in court there are two colleagues whom he is said to have instigated, and an entrepreneur who was his main client. With him in court there are two colleagues whom he is said to have instigated, and an entrepreneur who was his main client. The entrepreneur from the fitness industry hired the company "Global Service & Solution" of the main defendant (police officer), who stuck data from police information systems on GPS trackers under the cars of the "suspects"... (Taz, July 2020)
*In our apartment block, a federal police officer was arrested for illegal possession of weapons (large weapons used only in war), child pornography and mistreatment of persons during police operations. He is a father of a little baby boy. (Public prosecutor/State Attorney website publication)
*Weapons like little special knifes from the GSG 9 an elite unit of the State police are sold or given out between members of the state police, which is not allowed and you must officially register these weapons. (Internal)
Another high rank police officer from the State police Hannover, married over 30 years, in a superior position, started an affair with one of his female employees, he did not tell his wife, who did everything for him and brought up the children. This is a double exploitation!(Internal)
*A whole special german unit KSK (german armed force) had to be closed. The 2nd KSK company had organized the infamous "pig's head party" with which the right-wing extremism affair at KSK began in April 2017. At the farewell party for a unit commander, soldiers had thrown pigs' heads, heard right-wing rock songs and showed the Hitler salute. In May 2020, the police dug a weapon hiding place with ammunition and explosives on the property of a soldier from the company in Saxony. In an investigation report, the elite unit had been attested in parts to a "toxic management style". (Deutsche Welle)
*The public prosecutor's office in Hannover is overloaded. According to statistics, one prosecutors have to take over the work of five in the office. (HAZ)

These scandals including my own case, in the last couple of months and last 3 years are a wake up call for the State and Federal Government to follow the path of truth, righteousness and responsibility. Their own people must be a role model of following and protecting the constitution and laws. And of course there are also good police men and women and also good state attorneys in our country.

We appeal to the german Government, to the german Staatsschutz/Verfassungsschutz (intelligence), police and church not to participate or to support any kind of racism, religious discrimination, Anti-Sikh, Anti-Gurmat, Anti-democratic activities against Sikh individuals and the Sikh community in our common democratic society. How much democracy are we still living?

We live in a democracy and as Sikhs, we have to protect the honor our Sikh Gurus, their teachings and the dignity of our Eternal living Guru, Holy Guru Granth Sahib. As Sikhs, as Khalsa we have also the duty and responsibility to maintain and protect the civil and human rights, for equality, justice, truth and righteousness, for freedom of speech, freedom to express and the freedom of belief! We stand against Hindu RSS activism/fascism, against suppression in our Sikh Gurudwaras and in our personal lives. We stand against unlawful activities, human traffic (modern slavery), which is a grave human violation, it attacks not only the dignity of being a human, it attacks the moral foundation of the global society and goes against the teachings of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and the Sikh Gurus.
We stand against Anti Gurmat & Anti Sikh distortion of our Sikh History. We believe in the universal brotherhood of mankind and we pray in our daily Ardas for the wellbeing and blessings of All.

My name is Sahib Kaur (48). I was married to someone for almost 20 years who works for the state police. I filed in march 2020 for divorce and in my own case I could see, how the system has failed to protect truth, justice and righteousness. That's politics!
In the service of the True Guru!

From time to time we will publish here some interesting articles starting with:

Indian Spy Cases against Sikhs 2014-2020 Germany

2014/2015 - Ein 45-jähriger Mann indischer Staatsangehörigkeit in Koblenz wurde wegen Agententätigkeit zu neun Monaten Haft verurteilt worden. Er hatte für den indischen Geheimdienst Informationen über in Deutschland lebende Sikhs, indischstämmige Deutsche beschafft und an einen Mitarbeiter des indischen Generalkonsulats in Frankfurt weitergeben. Bekannt ist auch, dass der indische Geheimdienst Greenpeace International und Amnesty International ausspäht. Beide Organisationen prangern die Missachtung der Lebensrechte indigener Gemeinschaften an.

English: A 45-year-old man of Indian nationality was sentenced to nine months in prison in Koblenz for acting as an agent. He had obtained information about Indians, Germans of Indian origin and Sikhs living in Germany for the Indian secret service and passed it on to an employee of the Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt. It is also known that the Indian secret service is spying on Greenpeace International and Amnesty International. Both organizations denounce the disregard for the rights of indigenous communities.

***Click here to read - Mutmasslicher Spion aus Koblenz vor Gericht
Suspected spy from Koblenz in court

It is said, that he was also connected to a Human Traffic ring.

Indian Spy Case in 2016/2017

Der indische Spion wanderte 1984 über Moskau nach Ost-Berlin aus und ging dann nach Bielefeld, wo er ab 1995 für fast 20 Jahre offiziell hauptberuflich in der "Zentralen Ausländerbehörde in Bielefeld" arbeitete. Er spionierte Sikhs aus und fälschte und verkaufte Passdokumente. Dieser Spion soll ein Hindupriester aus dem Hindu Tempel von Strebekamp in Bielefeld, Deutschland gewesen sein.

English: This indian spy immigrated in 1984 to East Berlin via Moscow, and went from there to Bielefeld, Germany where he started working officially full-time at the 'Central Immigration Office in Bielefeld', from 1995 for almost 20 years. He was spying on Sikhs and forged and sold passport documents. This Spy was also a Hindu priest at the Hindu Temple at Strebekamp, in Bielefeld, Germany.
Three articles from 11.11.2016 & 15.01.2017

***Click here to read/translate the article - Bielefelder Spion für Indien unter Anklage
Bielefeld spy for India under indictment***

***Click here to read - Mutmasslicher Spion aus Bielefeld vor Gericht
Suspected spy from Bielefeld in court***

***Click here to read the article - Several years in prison for the Indian Spy from Bielefeld***

Indian Spy Case 13. April 2019 in Germany:

***Click here to read the article - Indian Couple arrested for spying on Sikhs in Germany***

***Click here to read the article - December 2019, Indian spy sentenced***

Indian Spy Case 25.- 27. August 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany:

***Click here to read the article - Trial against Indian Spy starts***

***Click here to read the article - Indias RAW Agent goes on Trial in Germany***

One indian person can not spy on the Sikh community in Germany. It is an organized network that has been built up for years. Several of them like the indian Bielefield spy are involved in Human traffic. They infiltrate, interfere and damaging our Sikh community in Germany. And some groups from the german site as well. So please STOP THAT, that we can live and practice our Sikh faith in peace and communal harmony in our Sikh Gurudwaras. To have no papers, no passport, or fake papers, makes you prone of being suppressed, exploited and being kept in a slave state, where you should not be as a human being. These conditions must be solved by each Government, to give an official status and allowance to work and not to live from social welfare or in an Asyl status for more than 20 years, where you are not allowed to work. Especially the Sikhs want to work, because it is one of their very important Hukam (command) of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji - "Kirat Karo". The Government is responsible to set up a new trend and new laws, to avoid a further burden on the social system, to avoid illegal work and that people slide into criminality.

To guarantee the communal peace and to uphold the Sikh/Gurmat Rehat Maryada in our Sikh Gurudwaras, the Gurudwara Committee must be formed by five baptized Sikhs (Amritdharis) as per instruction of Sri Akaal Takht, the highest seat of temporal Sikh authority.

Facebook - Sikh Hashtag, WhatsApp, Google & Alternatives

In the worldwide Sikh Hashtag in 2020 my Facebook Account was suddenly deleted. Many of our Sikh brothers and Sisters have faced similar deletion or blockings during that time. What was on my Facebook Account?. A beautiful picture of Baba Nanak Dev Ji and some beautful quotes of Gurbani, nothing else. Facebook & Co must watch out to follow the rules and to prevent any discrimination or hate posts against the Sikh Community. With a $5,7 billion investment parntership between India and Facebook group these mistakes and incidents should not happen! It is also known, that intelligence workers, criminals, Anti-Sikh elements, Social Media giants can do that. They can spoof phone numbers, pretending being your friend's number, they can put and delete pictures in your accounts, they can change Youtube links as well after sending to you. So make sure, when something happens to you, make immediately a Screenshot, print it out, call that person, if it was her/him who has sent it to you. Report it and make it public. There are some alternatives which are recommended and are used in the area of privacy data protection. One of the best Browser in that field is Duckduckgo - www.duckduckgo.com.The European commission for their employees and diplomats are recommending a more secure alternative to WhatsApp, which is called Signal messenger - www.Signal.org. Also find out how Google tracks you and is collecting (sharing) your private datas.

You can use WhatsApp but if something happens to you, be prepared and know about, what can happen. I use WhatsApp and in addition to that I downloaded the Signal Messenger. From time to time do a new installation of WhatsApp.

Sharing some articles about the vulnerability of WhatsApp and Facebook security












In every democratic country the privacy and protection of the individual, the freedom of speech, the freedom to express your belief is deeply anchored in the value system of the constitution, which is based on a human-ethical, equality, social and justice system. In germany we have not equal opportunities in the field of Public service and Government jobs. They do not allow us, to live our full identity as Sikhs and wear the 5 Kakaar and our Dastar. This is not democratic and not in the Zeitgeist. In England, Canada etc. you can work and express yourself as a Sikh without restrictions also in government jobs.

The tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj came into this world to uphold and to protect Truth and Righteousness on earth. This is the basis of creating peace, contentment, communal harmony, empathy, mutual respect, tolerance and freedom in the individual and in the global society.

The issue with the webpage www.DamdamiTaksal.com (UK & USA)

Topic today is the issue with the DamdamiTaksal.com Website maintained by former Damdami Taksal Students Sukhraj Singh and Akaal Publisher Harjinder Singh from UK.

Sukhraj Singh from Leeds is the founder of Sikh2Inspire and a friend of Sandeep Singh, Hamburg, you remember, his number has sent me last year on my WhatsApp account a homosexuell link under 18 in a form of a google drive link, instead of sending me the Poster of the Tour dates from Sant Baba Avtar Singh's European Tour to publish them. Before He always has sent the poster in a normal format to the WhatsApp Account.
In this WhatsApp message Sandeep Singh from Hamburg, he mentioned also his friend Janpreet S. Chawla, who was always against me. (Janpreet belongs to AKJ, Sikh Verband Cologne, married to a Sikh missionary Girl. Whenever I had a question regarding the tour Sandeep Singh was very stressed. He told me, if I have any question, I should "ask Janpreet"... But Janpreet Chawla was not the german Tour Manager, it was Sandeep Singh!!! Sandeep Singh has failed to stick to the Truth. His friend Janpreet Chawla is full of enmity to those who are not part of his AKJ group and against of those who are promoting Damdami Taksal. But behold, it was not because we support the traditional Dates of Damdami Taksal and the Taksal of Baba Deep Singh, it was because of the Facebook cases, the Sikh Verband, where he and his brother are involved in and about other things. I was a guest in the house of Sandeep Singh's family, I was very polite to them, but sadly those shameful things happened to me, I did not know this family before! His brother for example is NO SIKH. Ask Sandeep why he has sent this google drive link to a baptized Sikh women and ask him for whom he works, for the indian site, for the german or for criminals? Some of them use such ill dirt as a "war weapon", these are the worst sinners. Others are infected by this evil illness. But there is a connection to UK, Sandeep Singh belongs to Sikh2Inspire Group.

After that, Sandeep Singh received some replys from me and I am sure, he will never send me this ill dirt again or his mobile phone number. It was his number. If you commit such sins, and you run away, you will find no place of peace and rest in the house of the Guru. He will face a backlash in future. The police and the State Attorney in Hannover were informed. The Indian government and their people must stop those unlawful activities. Interesting another Sikh2Inspire friend was also involved in a similar case in 2019 in UK,...
They do not only disgrace our Sikh Saints, No, they disgrace their own wifes and families, when they sent out these ill dirt.

A true Khalsa, a true Singh would never do such a misdeed, such a sin. Maybe he was put under pressure, but again a Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj would NEVER do this! A Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh is pure, loyal and honest in his behavior.

We know this from the church and their priests, all these terrible cases of child abuses and child pornography are the worst sins. And all these terrible cases never went through a legal system and they were always protected and were given 50 years clean shit by the Government. Yes, these men are ill, but what about all these little beautiful souls, who were highly abused, who were given heavy body and mental pain. And they proclaim to be followers and lovers of God? In Germany the german government is paying the church 200 Million per year and approx. 700 Million for the payment of the land, real estate and lease. It is called the "Staatsvertrag" between the church and the government, per year they receive 900.000 Million Euro payment from tax money. They always protected them, but not those little victims. Is the law of constitution for the church members different than for all of us? They are subject to the law just like any other citizen, but when politicians no longer follow and apply their own laws, incoherence and chaotic conditions arise and crimes can expand. The constitution is our common foundation on which we all move forward in society. We have to protect our children for these evil-doers, does not matter to whom they belong! And we have to protect our democratic constitution!

When I asked Granthi Singh Harbhajan Singh if he can come to Hannover regarding an issue of an Anand Karaj Beadbi which took place in Hannover Sikh Gurudwara to discuss with the Pardhan Hari Singh Gill which he knows for many years, he referred also to Janpreet Chawla. An old Sikh man has to ask Janpreet for permission? Hari Singh, the Pardhan is a long time friend with Mr. Sandhu for more than 33 years. Both came together to Germany. Mr. Sandhu belongs to the Gurudwara Comittee of the Hannover, Berckhusenstr. It was Mr. Sandhu's daughter and his son in law, a Hindu who went against the Anand Karaj rules of Sri Guru Ram Das Sahib Ji Maharaj. The Gurudwara Committee members of Hannover are drinking Alchohol, some of them are smoking from time to time, except Hari Singh Gill, he took Amrit. The Marriage Video is on the Gurudwara facebook page Hannover and on YouTube channel. The boy who posted that Beadbi Video is Nirvair Singh. He has good contacts to Frankfurt. Also another boy Inderjit Singh who came recently from Delhi was in that Video too. He started playing Tabla and accompanied Granthi Singh. He is a student and a close friend to Nirvair Singh. Inderjit belongs to the Sikh Missionaries, and his Uncle Ji is located in New York, he is well known in the Missionary scene. Several years back he has participated in one of the biggest Anand Karaj Beadbis in Delhi. Granthi Parminder Singh performed that Anand Karaj Beadbi in Hannover Gurudwara. He received his money and became afterwards ill. His health problem started 4 days later. He had to go to a hospital for some weeks and had an operation. Sri Akaal Takht was informed about that Anand Karaj Beadbi.

*** Video of Anand Karaj Beadbi Hannover Gurudwara***
Ganesha, Tilak, ... and much more!

Back to Janpreet Chawla (AKJ, Sikh Verband). He is working for a Telecommunication company and told that he applied to work with the Verfassungsschutz (german state & home security, intelligence) as a translator. He told us in person, when we stayed in the house of Sodhi in Straelen in 2017. He also mentioned, when we need any numbers or information about a person around Cologne, he can provide it. Janpreet S. Chawla is the brother of Karanjit Singh alias Paul Chawla (AKJ, Sikh Verband Germany, Yogi Bhajan, Catholic Church etc.) Janpreet is married to a young women who comes from a Sikh Missionary family. Granthi Singh Harbhajan Singh from Cologne was looking for a match for him and arranged that marriage. Harbhajan Singh is a Taksali, but it seems, he is a very tolerant one, maybe they told us not the truth... however they are very close connected to each other. Harbhajan Singh invited us to a family Restaurant called "Bolera" in Bonn, all the Cologne Granthis and Ravinder Singh Mukhliana from India attended that lunch in the apartment of the host (all of them were cleanshaven and had short hairs Sikhs? Hindus?), also Harbhajan's wife from Canada was there. Harbhajan Singh named a young Sindhu woman "Amrit Kaur" and called her "Maharani", he spent more time with her together, meeting her, bringing her home... He was more on the phone with "Maharani" as with his own wife in Canada. After that I did not want to see him again. This girl was in relation with someone who took drugs... One time I went to Cologne again, and I gave him a Talwar, which was for some time in front of the picture of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib. I bought it in UK and brought it to him to fight his 'own enemies', (Panch Chor) but than NO. These episodes came to an End!

Sikh Sangat Germany Hamburg, Kulbir Singh alias Pargat Singh facebook ID is also part of those who are writing cynical, psychic facebook, WhatsApp messages, doing comments, and are putting you in a WhatsApp group without being part of it. He's got to work with all of these people because he's got a contract. He has never taught Gurmat Parchar on His side nor in the Sangat. His parents came 1986 to Germany, and they were not Sikhs, but they took Amrit, his mother told this.
Karanjit S. Chawla was doing the same on facebook under a fake name. This is not true, this is true, who was Xania Norris and Geierwally & CO ...? How is that possible that you can have more than one account at Facebook under fake names?!

Now think about how you behaved towards other Gursikhs, Sikh women, towards our Sikh Gurus, to Holy Guru Granth Sahib, to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj and why we have to publish this, yet. The german officials have not taken any steps to solve these issues in all the filed reports. They failed to follow and uphold the laws in our constitution, this is not always the case, but it has happened in many cases.

Because it started again, without any reason and without any ground, No, it went on and on...
If we do not stop it now, you destroy your own well-being and families, you destroy the life of others, the communal harmony and the basic foundations of our common democracy! We know, that the Anti-Sikh Elements are very well organized worldwide, but know one thing, to call you a democrat and to try to destroy anothers faith, will bring you such a shame and a downfall at least at the end of your personal life, when you leave that body. One is working for the indian site, others are working for the german site, others for the church and others for criminals.
I and other honest Gursikhs are working only for Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and as baptized Sikhs we are in Love and dedication in the service of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj! And this is the true Profit!

Back to Sukhraj Singh - Sikh2Inspire & Damdami Taksal

Sukhraj Singh had a meeting with Karanjit Singh in Holland, to discuss if they can work together (doing Parchar for Sikh2Inspire) - Karanjit told us in person. This has happened after the Panthpreet Demonstration in Frankfurt, Germany 2017. Sukhraj Singh received lots of promotion, huge amounts of money and honor from the Sangat.

What exactly is the issue with that webpage www.DamdamiTaksal.com (UK) and the involvement of my person?
In 2017 I referred to that website on the DISR webpage which we set up in december 2016. I started reading the section of the 'Ten Gurus'. Under Satguru Nanak Dev, there were in one text three different Avtar dates! The same with our other Sikh Gurus, there were 2 different Avtar dates in one text block, so very confusing. In addition to that I found under the section 'Gatka' that Miri Piri de Malik Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, was trained in Shastra Vidya by the Hindu Hill Rajas.

I met Sukhraj Singh and his family in 2016 in Leeds, where Sant Baba Avtar Singh, Sursingh Wale (Nihang Panth Baba Bidhi Chand Dal) was on visit during his UK Tour. I contacted Sukhraj Singh and Akaal Publisher Harjinder Singh regarding these issues, because they maintained this website as former Damdami Taksal Students. Back and forth - after 2 months they changed the dates correctly according to the Bikrami Dates (Damdami Taksal). I have sent Sukhraj Singh and Harjinder Singh the Screenshots and asked them why they put these different dates on it, and why it takes so long to correct the content, when they are members of Damdami Taksal. I told and informed some members of the Sangat in Germany and sent these Screenshots with the incorrect e.g. to Kulbir Singh, Sikh Sangat Germany. I told it to Harbhajan Singh, Cologne. He called Damdami Taksal when we were in Cologne. I told and have shown it to other Singhs in Germany as well. But Sukhraj Singh never corrected the content regarding Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj. Miri Piri de Malik Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj was trained from Baba Budha Ji and not from the Hindu Hill Rajas!
After three years it is still on that webpage. The headquarter of Damdami Taksal in Mehta Chowk is informed and also Sri Akaal Takht. The Official website of Damdami Taksal is: www.DamdamiTaksal.net

The website owner/host of this webpage www.DamdamiTaksal.com is the "Khalisfoundation" in the United States
Khalis Foundation
3230 Arena Blvd, Ste 245-176, Sacramento, CA 95834
You can check them out under:


They run a number of websites (https://khalisfoundation.org/sites/) including the www.DamdamiTaksal.com webpage. BUT they forgot to mention that they run also the website of DamdamiTaksal.com
So Sukhraj Singh is somehow connected to them, because He is the contact person of this Damdami Taksal Webpage. A former Damdami Taksal Student and a highly educated man in Sikh History, is promoting a wrong statement about our Sixth Sikh Guru! Knowingly. How can he still ignore this incorrect fact? Do you have any historical proof that Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj learnt Gatka from the Hindu Hill Rajas? Then please sent it to Sri Akaal Takht and to our learned Sikh Scholars and Sikh Gianis! This is not a small issue!


Sukhraj Singh you can't leave it like it is!

Sikh2Inspire Video by Sukhjeevan Singh at the Sikhi Camp about the Caste System

On this video about Anand Karaj published by Sikh2Inspire, Bhai Sukhjeevan Singh, a member of Sikh2Inspire talks about the Caste system beginning from 9:38 minute until 13:54 minute, that "Sri Guru Gobind Singh did not abolish the caste system"... At 13:00 minute he said: "They made a fifth caste" (Amritdharis)... at 13:23 minute he created "a superior caste".

***Click here the link of the Sikh2Inspire Video - Anand Karaj & Caste System***

Note: Here the Truth

When Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj established the Khalsa Panth in the will of Akaal Purakh Waheguru, he has abolished the caste system and blended all four castes into one brotherhood.

ਉਪਮਾ ਖ਼ਾਲਸੇ ਜਾਤ ਨ ਕਹੀ ॥ A Praise to the casteless Khalsa. (Sarbloh Granth, Amrit Kirtan, S. 291)

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj said on Vaisakhi 1699:

From today on you are freed from the four bonds of castes in society: Krit, Kul, Dharam and Karam.

The Mughal reporter, Ghulam Mohyiuddin, wrote the following report on the founding of the Khalsa Panth:

He has abolished caste and custom, old rituals, beliefs and superstitions of the Hindus and bonded them in one single brotherhood. No one will be superior or inferior to another. Men of all castes have been made to drink out of a single bowl. Though orthodox men have opposed him, about twenty thousand men and women have taken baptism of steel at his hand on the first day.

***We asked kindly Sikh2Inspire to remove that statement, that we are the fifth caste of the Hindu society. For example you can cut this incorrect statement out of the Video or delete that Video***

If you leave it like it is, than it is a clear statement in opposition towards our Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj and towards the Guru Khalsa Panth.

In the service of the True Guru
Bibi Sahib Kaur Khalsa
September 2020

Behind the scene - RSS, Sikh Missionaries Kala Afghana, Mafia, Intelligence & Church

Social Media and being a Gursikh - Insider Knowledge

Nowadays we all use Social Media to express our thoughts, sharing News in our Sikh community. We use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. All of these social media belong to Facebook. In the last couple of years there were many leaks in the field of data security, data privacy protection and so on. To protect our rights as an individual as well as a community in a democratic society, we as Sikhs, have a duty and responsibility to protect and maintain the honor and integrity of our Sikh Gurus, their Gurmat Teaching and of our Eternal Living Guru, the Holy Guru Granth Sahib.

From 2018 to 2020 the DISR Website was constantly attacked. Contents were changed in the articles on our webpage. In 2019 thirteen subpages of the DISR website including the page of our Living Guru, Siri Guru Granth Sahib were deleted. We had to file several reports with the Police. My own facebook account and WhatsApp account were spyed on, and misused, beginning in 2017, content were deleted etc. Because of that I had to file several reports at the police. We are not the only Sikhs, who experienced these kind of attacks, insults, harrassment and suppression. So these are some of the Tools from Anti Sikh elements, Intelligence worker, criminals or church workers to disturb, to shock, to silence or to bring you down. This is one way to destroy the Sharda/Bhavana (trust, confidence) of our Gursikhs, if they are active in spreading the loving message of Baba Nanak Dev Ji, promoting Khande di Pahul and speaking out for human and civil rights or standing against Anti Sikh & Anti Gurmat activities and their promoters. They can spoof phone numbers, pretending being your friend's number, they can change Youtube links after sending to you. They put pictures in your account, they can delete pictures in your account etc. This year in June/July/August 2020 the Nihang subpage were vandalized and damaged and is still as a second version in the Internet. Again we had to file a report. Someone wanted me from 2017 to 2020 to stop the Webpage of the DISR. If you have children make sure, that they are protected, because nowadays there are not many restrictions being in the field of duality, in the field of Maya (temporary illusionary world). The non security on Social Media, agressive Video games, destructive movies, too much Television, all kind of Drugs are available and so on which have a highly damaging impact on the Nervous System and on the Emotional body mind system. We as Sikhs have the tools to connect with Akaal Purakh Waheguru, to be with our loving all-powerful Guru, through Naam Simran, reading and reciting Bani, performing and singing Shabad Kirtan, to transform ones own Self as well to uplift and save our future Sikh generation, to protect our common enviroment and values!

But not only our Webpage was attacked, my own life was attacked and in danger. I had to flee for some time to France (Normandy). I left my home on 5. April 2019, because there was much going on, and to that time I had no information about what is happening. I filed several reports, because of the DISR website attacks, WhatsApp, Facebook, phone calls in the night, stupid psychic messages and all these things. We informed the Police and State Police, but there was no help. It was exactly the time when the Indian spys were discovered and published in Germany on 12./13. April 2019. And also some big Human Traffic ring was exposed in Germany as well. Later on, back in Hannover, there was a meeting which I attended and one of the State police Ladies asked me, if I am willing to leave the Sikh Religion.
To go ahead with their Agenda of the last couple of years? To protect their own police employees, informants, the church people or their indian co-operatives, who are doing incorrect or unlawful things to innocent Sikh individuals and to the Sikh community - NO.
They told us, that 2 people came into Jail. But the State Attorney said exactly the opposite... I have not left my Guru for an empty nutshell.

Who was involved and who is in charge, we have to look into that case deeper. What happened before?
Everything started with the www.sikh-religion.de Webseite, which published Anti Gurmat, Anti Sikh Theses and than with the Sikh Verband. When I started with my work and research, I went into that topic and met many people and analysed the structure and also the problems which our community faces. In 2016 we took Legal actions against the website which was recommended many years by the former chairman and member of the Council of Religions, Mr. Khuswant Singh (Frankfurt, Sikh Missionary, RSS and/or Christian). And this Anti Gurmat Website was forwarded by Robin S. Randhawa from Pinneberg/Hamburg. I spoke to several Sikhs and most of them knew, what was on that website, but they could not talk to them. We spoke e.g. directly to Robin S. Randhawa and his wife (witness was Jagmeet Singh from Hamburg). We informed the Council of Religions in Frankfurt and in Hannover about this issue and the Sikh Verband, but members of their own Committee are supporters of the Sikh Missionaries too. One year later with our Lawyer we were successful in taking over that webpage.

There are several Sikh sects which was founded to distort, to divide, to cut off the legs of the foundation of the Sikh Religion and the Khalsa Panth for example:

*The fake Nirankaris who insulted the Holy Guru Granth Sahib and our Sikh Gurus. They started in a manner of extreme attacks towards the Sikh community and the Sikh Religion!

*Akhand Kirtani Jatha (AKJ) was established in 1961 by Randhir Singh, and they became famous because of their energetic Kirtan, but they changed also the Kakaar of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, they say the Dastar is one of the five Kakaar, which is not true, and also they have changed the Amrit Sanchar Baptism Ceremony of the Tenth Sikh Guru. The Mool Mantar goes in the original Amrit Sanchar ceremony since 1699 from Ik Oankar until Nanak Hosee bhee sach, but AKJ is promting until Gurprasad.
When I asked them, when you are in Love with Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, Why have you changed His legacy and his rules? Because when we are becoming Khalsa than we should follow our Gurus Hukam and His guidelines. The same with Baba Deep Singh and Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh and their Taksal, which were founded under "direct instruction" of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj. They were realized Gursikhs, one with Him, they were so close to our Sikh Gurus, to spread the correct teachings. So when they do Katha about Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed, they ignore this fact?

*Yogi Bhajan Sect, which was founded around 1970's, they mix Hinduism, Yoga with some parts of Sikhism and they call it "White Tantra". The Yoga system belongs to Hinduism and not to the Sikh Religion and the Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus. You can train and practice Gatka which is part of the Sikh faith. The one who translated the English Version of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, is Sant Singh, he belongs to the Yogi Bhajan Group and worked together in co-operation with Kulbir Thind.

They translated the four Purusharthas, the four Blessings of Guru/God in Holy Guru Granth wrongly.

They translated Kam as "Sexual Success" instead of the correct meaning "fulfillment of desire" and several more mistakes are in that English version. They never corrected those mistakes. I informed them several times, and also informed SGPC which is using that Version as well for sending out the Daily Hukamnama. In this English Version of Holy Guru Granth Sahib you can find these mistakes e.g. on Ang 816, Ang 927, Ang 1201. This wrong translation and meaning is also found on all available Apps, in addition to other mistakes like "Guru of Gum" or "party-goer" etc.

*The Sikh Missionaries Kala Afghana were founded in the 1990's (many say, they are like the fake Nirankaris). They got lots of support from the government to spread Anti Gurmat, Anti Sikh Theses.
They also work close with some Christian groups together e.g. *Batala-Berkely-Toronto Group, the Institute of Christian Approach to Sikhism which was founded by the controversy William H.Mc Leod to distort and to insult the Gurmat Teaching and also other Christian missionary groups etc. And there are many more sects.

Background Information - Behind the scene

On that former Anti Gurmat webpage (www.sikh-religion.de) which was the first official Sikh website in Germany, and should represent our Sikh Community in Germany, you could find for example following:

Sikhs are uneducated, repeating Waheguru Naam makes one stupid, the toilets and kitchens in the Gurudwaras are in a catastrophic conditions (what does this imply?). Our Holy Guru Granth Sahib was compared with 'Götze'. Götze is a degratory, negative term for a God that is alien to one's own religion, espicially an Idol. And in the Glossary the meanings of the words and terminologies were changed, and many things more.

A Sikh man from Iserlohn, Satnam Singh Bhatti translated everything in Punjabi and we informed the Sangat about it. His wife Gurinder Kaur took Amrit, Satnam Singh said, he can´t take Amrit. And we say only CHILIMAT... The number of Gurinder was suddenly the number of Chilimat? Satnam's daughter Shirin Bhatti (Sharan) applied to become a german state police officer...

Back to Khuswant Singh: No one wanted to be responsible for the content, but Khuswant Singh wrote several articles on that webpage, so somehow he had access. Whenever someone wanted to talk to Khuswant Singh about these publications and issues, the Committee of the Council of Religion in Frankfurt blocked the Sikh Community. This webpage was also recommended by the Council of Religion in Hannover by Prof. Reinbold, has stated, that they work together with Khuswant Singh for many years and that he is their friend, knowingly, what was published on it. Khuswant Singh works for the Federal Ministry of Economic in Germany (Bundeswirtschaftsministerium) and his father was supported by the german church. And Rajbir Kaur (Sikh Verband & Sikh Missionary) from Frankfurt married the son of Major Singh from Paderborn (Amritdhari). Major Singh is married to a german Non-Amritdhari woman (Christian) and they have a restaurant. Jatinder Singh Pal told, that both sides (parents) were not in favor of an Anand Karaj, but Rajbir and Jatinder wanted one. Rajbir Kaur was supporting this Anti Gurmat webpage as well and is a close friend of Khuswant Singh's family and Umeet Singh's family (Sikh Verband & Sikh Missionary). We hired a Lawyer and after one year, they could not register anymore on fake addresses (fake names). After that we could bought with the help of the Lawyer this webpage www.sikh-religion.de and we set it up according to the original, traditional Gurmat Teaching of our Sikh Gurus without insulting our own Sikh Community!

When I asked Robin Randhawa, who is the brother of Ramendeep Singh Randhawa, Hamburg, why he is forwarding to an Anti Gurmat website, where Sikhs are being insulted and the Gurmat teachings are distorted, he answered to get clicks for it!
To get clicks for it! Now you can make up your own mind. Jagmeet Singh was sitting with us, Robin's wife and some others in Gurudwara Sahib. Ramendeep Singh Randhawa, the brother of Robin worked for an Indian service at the Indian Embassy in Hamburg, and he is one of the "Khalistanis" who can shout out loud "Khalistan Zindabad", without having any problems, or being harrassed or suppressed like other Khalistan supporters in Germany. Because the Indian Government and also the Indian Embassy in Germany is highly against Khalistan. Ramendeep Singh was promoted from the family of Anand, the sons are Mandeep Singh and Randhir Singh, who has founded the Sikh Verband in Colgone. The boys Mandeep Singh (AKJ), Damendeep Singh (AKJ) Jagmeet Singh (AKJ) started in 2013/2014 until Randhir Singh Anand, Umeet Singh (Sikh Missionary, Stuttgart) and a third person have taken over as the Sikh Verband Committee. They sent the boys to Vaisakhi in a Hindu Tempel for a interreligious meeting. It was for example Umeet Singh's Gurudwara who have invited the controversy Kathavackhiks Dhunda and Panthpreet (RSS Agents) who are belonging to the Sikh Missionary Kala Afghana Sect, to distort and to attack the foundation of the Sikh Religion. The Sikh Verband Germany has forgotten to declare donations to the Tax Office, when we mentioned it, they became very unkind and angry with us! Also they started to tell the Sangat, that the Dastar is one of the 5 Kakaar, Ramendeep Singh from Hamburg told this in person! When I asked him, you know them for so long time, why you do not say anything about it?! Because he received the Job at the Indian Service for the Indian Embassy in Hamburg from Mandeep Singh's father Anand.

To make it sure for all of us - "The Dastar is NOT one of the 5 K's".

Some of those people are hired from the german Staatsschutz (german intelligence) in co-operation with the church or they work for the Indian Intelligence, or criminals. So it is not only the RSS who is creating lots of planned attacks, hurts and troubles in our Sikh Community, unfortunately also the german site. They all are going ahead in disturbing, attacking, distorting the foundation of the Sikh Religion and trying to weaken the Khalsa Panth. And we go ahead to protect the Gurmat Teachings and the honor of our Sikh Gurus and Holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is not a question of being tolerant or intolerant. This is a fact of upholding, maintaining and protecting the Tradition and the foundation of the Sikh faith and the Gurmat Teaching, which was set up by our Ten Sikh Gurus.

Ramendeep Singh (Hamburg) and Karanjit Singh (Paul Chawla) St. Augustin worked together in Sveden for a Company and stayed at a friends house. This family, a well known in Sveden was very kind to them, but Karanjit Singh exploited their hospitality and finally slept with the wife of his host and friend and broke their marriage bond. He created lots of Dukh and Bahut pape to the family because of that action. Maybe it was by purpose?! This is not true, this is true! When he retook Amrit he did not confessed it fully, what he did. Ask Ramendeep Singh, ask Harbhajan Singh who is one of his spiritual mentors and advisors of Karanjit, they know it. The family of Karanjit lives from Social Welfare (Sozialhilfe), but they bought a big house in St. Augustin, to same time as Ramendeep Singh in Hamburg. I met the Chawla brothers 5-6 times when I was in Cologne and one time in Frankfurt.

Karanjit also tries to trap others to incite them to commit crime offences. He is not a Sikh of the Guru anymore, what He did to the Guru House and to other Gursikhs. Stay away from those people... Karanjit can be lucky, that he met me, because after that, he was stopped! Maybe he needs some psychological help and advice... for whom he works, ask him! We do not want to have an fabricated "Amri case" in our Sikh community! We only say "open toilet lid" & the "bomb droppers" on facebook...Right! You slander and harrass others, thinking Guru/God does not see and hear it. Look at yourself Janpreet & Karanjit, start singing the Song of Truth and stop your Nindaks. The Chawlas are very close friends with Damendeep Singh and Mandeep Singh from Sikh Verband Cologne and with Umeet Singh, Stuttgart (Sikh Verband & Sikh Missionaries). He is like a close relative to the Chawla Family in St. Augustin.

Karanjit is with AKJ, Yogi Bhajan, Sikh Verband, Hanuman Chalisa reciter & Catholic Church, he told us in person, that he went once in a week to a church meeting for a while (he was already a baptized Sikh). On facebook he hided himself behind a mask and had the name "Xania Norris", another was named "Geierwally", and there was a "german Heidrun" very active in Sikh facebook sites. She was a follower of Karanjit Singh's Gursikhi facebook account and the Sikh Verband facebook account. This woman is located in Dortmund and Italy, her close facebook friend was sitting on a motorcyle with Dastar, a big fan of Amitabh Bachan and called us not Sikhs,... No, he put a "D" in front of this word. And there was Verena, Karina, Boris ... Do you know Jens Becker? ... Now you can make up your own mind, what they are doing. One topic was cutting the hair, you remember all! And who were all these Hindu men... who attacked the facebook page of the DISR?

When all these things with Dhunda and Panthpreet in Germany happened, it was Sikh Sangat Germany - Kulbir Singh (Hamburg) who claims being one of the Taksalis, I recognized several incidents with him and his publications. For example during the visIt of Baba Banta Singh, Kulbir Singh put my Mobile phone number in a WhatsApp group and has sent me this group to my mobile number. He himself was NOT in that group!? Who was in that group? "Bhagga", "Baba Banta Singh", 2 others and me. Bhagga was recently declared as a Terrorist from Modi's government. Bhagga is a close friend to Ramendeep Singh who worked for the Indian service at the Indian Embassy at Hamburg and Bhagga is also a close friend to Sandeep Singh's family (Hamburg) for more than 15 years. So I told Kulbir Singh, you should not use my number without my permission. This boy Kulbir Singh and his allies from Hamburg had to delete this WhatsApp group again. And also when my facebook account was blocked, I had to sent a copy of my ID Card to facebook and next day, Kulbir Singh sent a WhatsApp in form of a Video comment about women who wear Lipsticks related to my ID picture which I had to sent to facebook. It was an old picture. I am sure he remembers and many other things.
So it became very obvious that Kulbir Singh is somehow involved in those activities. Look at your own house Kulbir Singh, your mother (Amritdhari) is driving Bus without head-cover, (yes we know the Chunni problem, it falls down etc), and is using Kajal and your own sister (Amritdhari) is at the University in Class without head-cover, and when she becomes a Teacher in Germany as Amritdhari, she can not wear Chunni in Class. And by the way she is putting Mascara on her eyes. And you complain about women who wear lipsticks. Balraj Singh your friend's wife is putting red lipstick in Gurudwara Sahib. You have ever send her some messages because of that? So what do you want from me? Before attacking other Sikh women and Gursikhs who are in Love and in tune with the Teachings, you should stop that Nindak to other Gursikhs. And again Look at your own house. Maybe you have a problem with women? And by the way, I never use lipstick in the Gurudwara. So that is the consciousness of this young Taksali Boy? Who is the man with the short hairs, cleanshaven with his sport car and Who is the student from Delhi?

And there are several more Names who were involved, who did all these insults, harrassment, attacks against Guru Granth Sahib Ji, against me and to other Gursikhs, trying to harrass, suppress or pretending being your friend's phone number, on mobile phone, WhatsApp, messenger, email and facebook accounts including:
*Members of the german police and the church!
*Members of AKJ & Sikh Missionaries.
*Members of the Yogi Bhajan sect.
*Members of Bulandpuri Babaji in Bochum & Walsall & US
(numbers of Baljinder Singh, Harjinder Singh, Jaswinder Singh and his friend Inderjit Thind, Gurmukh Singh (US & Netherlands), Anne (US), Sodhi family & Heera family and Gurpreet Kaur (UK), Jaskaran Kaur and friends (Paris), etc.

*Members of the Ramgarhia Gurudwara Wolverhampton (AKJ & Missionaries).
*Harmanpreet Kaur and her german girl friend Vivian Kaur from Bremen Gurudwara.
*And we do not want to forget Harmanpreet's "bald brother".
The father is a Taxi driver... they are in co-op with german police, indian site, or criminals, you can ask them!
*Ravi Kaur, the daughter of Jagit Kaur, Cologne Gurudwara, we call her "Bollywood Princess"... She is a close friend to Janpreet Chawla's family and to Granthi Singh Harbhajan.
*Granthi Harbhajan Singh's phone number.
*His friend's phone number Ravinder Singh Mukhliana, Italy.
*Anna Pal Singh (Christian) and her indian husband who are working close with the Sikh Missionaries and the Hindus in Germany together.
*Harmit S. Gill and His father (RSS) from Hannover, supporters of the Sikh Verband.
*Manusch Kumars phone number (Hannover Gurudwara).
*Pendu Jatt, (USA) a friend of Mr. Sandhu (Hannover), who is married to a doctor lady in the United States.
*Mr. Sandhanwalia and his group (Hannover Gurudwara) and the indian consulate friend.
*Major Singh, Pardhan, Paderborn.
*Heidrun & her christian friends.
*Jürgen, Joachim, Mönchengladbach.
*'Kojak' from Hamburg.
*Mrs. Grimm & Co.
*Karanjit S. Chawla & Janpreet S. Chawla, facebook, Email and phone numbers.
*Harwinder Singh, Dortmund & Iserlohn.
*Satnam Singh Bhatti, Iserlohn.
*his wife Gurinder Kaur, Iserlohn.
*Shirin (Sharan) Bhattis phone number.
*Sodhis phone number, Straelen.
*Gurpreet Kaur Bhangoo's phone number, Straelen.
*Sandeep Singh, Sikh2Inspire Hamburg & phone number of Sukhraj Singh, Sikh2Inspire, UK.
One time my WhatsApp Codes came from two different locations from Leeds & Oxford!
*Ramendeep Singh, Hamburg brother of Robin Randhawa.
*Robin Randhawa, Hamburg.
*Sukhmanjit Singh & Harsimran Singh Hamburg.
*Kulbir Singh, Hamburg, phone Number, email, WhatsApp, facebook.
*From Erfurt: Ramandeep Singh (a boy who loves to cut his hair & his sister from the Sikh Verband).
RECENTLY: three weeks ago, the Number of NVI Nanaksar was spoofed and was sending me: "Hi, give Hukam g". Of course it was not the person and his number. This is happening for more than 3 years... this is one way to harras, destroy your Sharda and Bhavana and also your social contacts.
The photo in my WhatsApp Account of Sardar Simranjeet Singh Mann were changed into a "young shortcut hair man, which we all do not know"... Pictures were put into my Photo Gallery, my own pictures were deleted.
Phone calls in the night, crazy and psychic messages via SMS, WhatsApp and Emails, personal Emails were commented etc.

And also from Sveden, India, Prag, Poland, Turkey... and so on and so on, which numbers are spoofed, ask those who are in charge!


I have no time for these people and Nindaks anymore, but if there is a need to reply, I give a reply. I am a very polite, helpful, educated and supporting person, but I belong to the Khalsa Panth and to the House of the Guru, that's why we have to fulfill our duty and responsibility towards Him. The Guru Khalsa Panth is not destroyable, they all tried so hard over the centuries, but if they know, it's us, who will change the Kali Yuga into the Sat Yuga again, maybe than they do not loose their minds again ;-). Ya, I can't change the Truth, it is already written in the Manusmirti, which is approx. 3000 years old, that Guru Nanak's Panth will do this and from the Parkama of Sri Harmandir Sahib the rays of Light and blessings will shine for the whole world. And Khalsa Ji, remember the Karninama well. This will come true, that's why the negative and destructive energies try to hold it back. But this is only the world and play of Maya! The Khalsa Panth will play an important role to help and to uplift humanity!

Back to Hamburg: When we met the parents of Kulbir Singh, we asked them, if they can do the Proof reading of the Sikhi for You brochure (Punjabi) they happily agreed to do so, and we gave 300 Euros. No Seva should be for free. Kulbir Singh wrote back, he has no time, but kept the money, we had to remind him several times, to sent the money back. He transferred the 300 Euros back on my banc account. When He is Taksali why he has not helped the DISR, who is promoting the Damdami Taksal Dates?
The group and the friends around Kulbir Singh are doing things that should be watched carefully in the future.
And who put 20 mistakes in our commissioned Sikhi brochure (Punjabi version) and got 300 Euro for it? Was it the translation service of the german Staatsschutz, the Indian intelligence or some of their employees in co-operation with the Translation service in Austria? And again the Officials remained silent. They also remained silent when the subpage of our Holy Guru Granth Sahib was deleted.

Where was the Taksali Kulbir Singh, when Panthpreet (RSS Agent & Anti Gurmat) was in Frankfurt? His group from Hamburg did not go to Frankfurt. They, including Robin Randhawa, Ramendeep Singh and others went separately to "another occasion" to Frankfurt when the Missionaries visited Frankfurt for a Panel discussion, to protest? No it was not a protest. They have taken a nice "group photo". And again it was Kulbir Singh who posted the Panthpreet Video on his facebook account, and this Video and the Video of Dhunda had the same voice. And back then when our Holy Guru Granth Sahib was put in a Hindu Mandir in Essen between the Hindu Gods, and He is still there, it was him, who published this Video of the Beadbi first, which was posted on Khalsa Intelligence Agency, KIA - a Youtube channel who promoted Dhunda and the Sikh Missionaries and had to closed, when we started finding out. Also on that same KIA Channel was Harjinder Singh of SIKHRI. Some time back Harjinder Singh's Sohji Courses at Sikhri changed the Gurmukhi letters of the Gur Mantar and therefore the meaning of it.

SOHJI proposes the use of ਵਾਹਗੁਰੂ VAHGURU instead of ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ VAHEGURU
Source: Gurvichar.com & American Sikh Council

So watch out of him that he and his crew are not going more in a wrong direction. He belongs to the Sikh Missionaries as well the Global Sikh Council. The american Sikh Sangat has more details about these incidents and the former Sohji curriculum.

Dhunda is a well paid Agent, and has in addition to that two big stores in India. Dhunda said some time ago: Gurbani is low like a prostitute. He was excused from the former corrupt Jathedar Gurbachan Singh like Ram Rahim, a high profile criminal who had "Z VIP Protection Status", the highest Level in India from the indian government. He is not a Sikh and was promoted by them to do all these Anti Sikh, Anti Gurmat activities, but his criminal record became so obvious that they could not protect him anymore. He was senced for all his cases in 2017 and is now sitting in Jail for more than 20 years.

Before this Video with Dhunda was published, we talked to Harsimran Singh (AKJ & friend of Nirvair Khalsa, who is BANNED on Gurudwara Stage in UK, like Ranjit Dhandrianwale) and to Sukhmanjit Singh (Sikh Verband), both from Hamburg.
After this conversation, this Video was sent to me with the Video message "Take legal actions". In this Video, you could see Holy Guru Granth Sahib between the Hindu Gods, and the Voice said e.g. Sikhs are stupid and so on. They knew that we already took legal actions against the former Anti Gurmat website and we were successful. Why exactly these people who claim be the True Ones are not taking legal actions?

It is also known, that Anti Sikh elements like the RSS, intelligence workers, or criminals are putting Sikh people down in attacking and harming them in a way of giving them some kind of damaging poison in the food or drinks, e.g. in a private house programm. This has happened many times before when they want to stop you or get rid of you. Some of our Sikh political prisoners, human rights activists, Khalistan supporters have experienced already these harming attacks as well. Also we rallied for our Sikh brothers and Sikhs Sisters to get justice for the November Genocide in 1984 and in december 2018. Some justice was given after 34 years, six man received a life long imprisonment. Our people were burnt alive, hacked into pieces, they raped our Sikh women, tortured innocent Sikh man and tried to destroy the Sikh faith. If the dirt has been swept under the carpet for so many years, one day it has to be cleaned, like it or not, it's important to sort things out for the future.

Finally: Some hang around in my accounts with permission and some with non-permission, like BTC from Pennsylvania. We are saying the Truth. This is exactly what has happened and many more things. And those incidents can only happen, when you have the support and the instructions of the Officials doing so. This is the play and fight of Abibek and Bibek. In the next twenty years, the wheat will separate from the chaff. It is never too late, to correct and dedicate yourself to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj.

We have nothing against anyone, we believe in the unity of human race, in the universal Love of Guru/God. We respect all humans and religions and wish them all the best. BUT, when our Sikh Gurus, our Holy Guru Granth Sahib and our personal life is attacked, insulted, suppressed, harrassed and if our personal datas are not protected anymore and sold out, when our Human dignity and the private law of personal life is not protected in a democratic country, than we will raise our SIKH VOICE.

We have closed that Chapter now

Now, the whole thing came to an end, because when the Truth is out, what to do? Right!
And No one is without mistakes, only Guru/God is perfect. Stay detached and stay happy as a Sikh of our Guru! Those who are not punished by the Law for their acts, are punished by their own Karma - when and where God almighty decides. We wish every 'Sikh' a Journey to and with Baba Nanak Dev Ji. The Guru implants not only the Naam, he implants the Love for God. Please follow the Guru's path and feel his blessings and happyness. And do not forget, whatever comes to pass is according to one's own Karma, it is a redemption and in Sikhi it is also a test to become exactly that soul which Baba Nanak wants you to be, to stand and fight for truth and righteousness, to surrender to His Will and to become free and merge with HIM, with Guru/God almighty.

Aaye Mil Gursikh Aaye Mil

The Guru my friend has told me the stories and sermon of the wonderful Lord.
I am a sacrifice to my Guru.
To the Guru I am a sacrifice.
Come join with me. Oh Sikhs of the Guru.
Come and join with me.
You are my Guru's Beloved...

Listen here to the beautiful Shabad 'Aaye Mil Gur Sikh Aaye Mil'